Finder Scopes

Some people prefer finder scopes to unit power finders, and some large binoculars come equipped with them. The scope need not be of high power; the scope provided with my 100-mm Miyauchi is a 3x12. If the finder is to be mounted between the optical tubes of the binocular, it should have a significant amount of eye relief if you are going to be able to avoid breathing on the eyepieces when you use the finder. The eye relief of the 3x12 (finder mentioned above) is 55 mm. This amount of eye relief is not to be found in finders intended for use with telescopes, consequently, these must be mounted to one side in the same manner as suggested above for reflex finders. On the other hand, telescopic sights designed for rifles do have adequate eye relief and have a magnification more in keeping with what is required for binoculars, although the field of view may be somewhat small. Although telescopic finders are useful in the daylight, I find them to be inferior to reflex sights for nighttime use with binoculars, but this is obviously a matter of personal preference (Figure 7.2).

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