Nutritional Comfort

Adequate nutrition is essential as it combats fatigue and cold. It is difficult to observe comfortably after a heavy meal and is equally difficult when we are conscious of hunger. If we are cold, we need to replace our lost energy with carbohydrates. It is usually healthier to take these in the form of starches, which release their energy slowly, than as a sugar, although those who do not have contraindi-cating dietary requirements may find a warm glucose-based drink to be beneficial in some circumstances. It is also essential to keep a good fluid balance. Time can pass very rapidly when we are enjoying observation, and our steamy breath on cold nights is an indication of fluid loss. Over the past decade or so, people have become more conscious of the need for adequate hydration, but there is an additional benefit that is less well known: if we maintain good hydration, even by merely sipping cold water, our extremities tend to get less cold.

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