Physical Comfort

The plethora of homemade observing aids, ranging from simple recliners to computerized observing chairs, is an indication of the degree of comfort that binocular observers seek to find. This should come as no surprise: the simple fact that one has chosen binoculars is often an indication that one has made a choice of optical comfort!

For those of us who prefer to stand whilet observing (usually restricted to those of us whose binoculars are mounted and have angled eyepieces), our comfort is relatively easy to attain. On the other hand, those of us who prefer some sort of seating or reclining may well find it considerably more difficult, owing to the dif ferences in our backs and necks. That which perfectly suits one person may well be an anathema to another. My best advice is to try out as many options as you can and, once you have found something that suits you, acquire or make it, and then treasure it. My Mac Sports recliner is such an item, and I treat it with almost as much care as I do my binoculars themselves. If you find something close to what is ideal for you, try to adapt it. This is usually achievable by judicious use of cushioning or padding, so that your back and neck are perfectly cradled and your arms are supported but not restricted.

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