Rain Guards

A rain guard is a cover for the eyepieces of a binocular. It is intended to protect the eyepieces of binoculars when they are slung from the neck in the rain or snow. As observational astronomers, we tend not to pursue our hobby in the rain, so pre-

Figure 5.1. Eyepiece rainguard. The rainguard attaches to the strap and can be slipped over the eyepieces when the binocular is not being used.

cipitation is a relatively unlikely source of moisture. Despite this, a rain guard is an invaluable addition to any binocular, particularly one that is hung from the neck. Rain guards protect the eyepieces against spillage of food and drink and against any other descending particulate matter, whatever its origin. For this reason, a rain guard is most valuable if it is of the kind that can be attached to the neck strap so that it is immediately available for use. It soon becomes second nature to put the guard over the eyepieces when you pause in observing, and the reduction in frequency with which eyepieces need to be cleaned is very noticeable (Figure 5.1).

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