Storage and Transport Container

It makes sense to keep, with your binoculars, the various small items that you frequently use when observing. There are numerous options for containers and some binoculars come with very useful cases, although I have yet to find one that is ideal. A relatively inexpensive option is an aluminium camera case. If it comes with soft polyurethane foam, this should be replaced with a high-density polyethylene foam. This can easily be cut and shaped with a carving knife or a sharp chisel. Recesses in it can be made for flashlights, charts, finders, spare eyepieces, and so forth (Figure 7.6).

Cases supplied with medium and small binoculars have very little capacity for extra storage. However, in my 10x50 case I do also keep the L-bracket for tripod mounting and the solar filters (which I store on the objectives).

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