The Rifle Sling Hold

If you want the most stability you can get with medium-sized hand-held binoculars, use the rifle sling method. This hold is based on the way one uses a sling for rifle-range shooting, where stability of the rifle is improved if the arm is braced through the sling. Extend the binocular strap to its full extent and hold the binocular so that the strap loops down. Place both arms through the strap, so that it

Figure 6.3. The rifle sling hold.

comes just above your elbows. Hold the binocular in the most comfortable way you can and brace it "solid" by pushing your elbows apart (Figure 6.3). It initially feels a bit like getting into a medieval torture instrument, but it is remarkably effective for stability. Because it is not inherently comfortable, I do not use this method for long periods, but only for observations where I want that little bit of extra stability.

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