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The Emergence Of The Multidisciplinary Experimental Team

In conclusion, this societal transformation of the ground-based optical infrared community is not the result of an emerging younger generation simply rebelling against an establishment. It is a collective result of the enormous broadening of access to large ground-based telescopes through the entry of greatly increased government funding by several non-US players. Added to this is the greatly increased complexity of using the current generation of telescopes. Bolstered with complex technologies like adaptive optics, supported by meteorological models and queue scheduling, and coupled together through the global interconnectivity of multidisciplinary teams, we suggest that the habits and traditions of the early formative groups (who founded and built the hugely successful observatories of the past) are not useful when pursuing the ambitious astrophysics experiments of the early 21st century. The growing importance of accountability to funding agencies for programs that utilize space...

Satellites and Probes

Astronomers and other scientists were not always enthusiastically supportive of the manned space program, many of them feeling that it stole both public attention and government funding away from more useful data-gathering missions that could be carried out much more efficiently and inexpensively by unmanned satellites and probes. There is much truth to this sentiment. However, at least in the 1960s, unmanned exploratory missions continued to have high priority, and did not really suffer from the parallel development of the manned space program.

Implications of the Current Funding Situation

It is likely that astronomers will continue to rely on government funding for the bulk of their research support and that NASA and NSF will continue to be the main sources for individual research funds. Since the funding distribution and methods have not resulted from a strategic government plan, but simply the year-to-year funding cycle, it is not surprising that shifts in funding priorities have taken place. In fact, they should be expected to continue, barring a forceful set of recommendations from the Office of Management and Budget, the

Cloudy Night Science Data Mining

Since most professional astronomical research is funded by government grants, the data are ultimately the rightful property of the taxpayers who paid for it. The world wide web offers researchers a simple and convenient way to make their raw data readily available to interested users, professional or amateur. Large professional projects are increasingly doing so. This treasure trove of professionally-gathered astronomical data is potentially a valuable resource for the amateur investigator. Many modern professional projects generate an enormous flood of data. One estimate 13 is that 1 of that data is carefully evaluated by the principal investigators,

F2 Space Economic Development Authorities

CSA was authorized to further develop commercial launch, manufacturing, academic, and research operations, as well as to receive Federal grants for these purposes. WCSC has legal status as a non-profit business entity 501 c 6 under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code . It retains an equity interest in spun-off, for-profit corporations related to CSA activities, such as Spaceport Tours, Inc. and the Space Access Corporation. Further, it is pursuing formation of a foreign free trade zone, a


The authors thank the SOHO MDl, EIT and LASCO consortia for the SOHO data and the MSSL SURF for Yohkoh SXT data. SOHO is a joint project by ESA and NASA. These results were obtained in the framework of the projects OT 98 14 (K.U.Leuven), G.0344.98 (FWO-Vlaanderen), and 14815 00 NL SFe(IC) (ESA Prodex 6). LvDG is supported by Research Fellowship F 01 004 of the K.U.Leuven and by the Hungarian Government grants OTKA T032846 and T-038013. LvDG and PD acknowledge the Hungarian-French S& T cooperative program. PD and CHM acknowledge financial support from ECOS (France) and SETCIP (Argentina) through their cooperative science program (A01U04).


There is an old proverb that says, if my memory is correct, be careful what you ask for. Perhaps I should have thought about this earlier, but then I would not be writing this chapter. It is no secret that when talking to other astronomers, we discuss more than just our latest scientific results. We also talk about other matters that concern us such as the policies and priorities of the government funding agencies, the lack of opportunities for permanent positions, whether women and minorities are judged fairly, and concern about the quality of refereeing of our scientific papers and

The Final Analysis

What is the Dark Energy The question here is twofold. One part is whether the dark energy is of the form of an evolving scalar field, such as quintessence, or whether it really is constant as in Einstein's original version. This may be answered by planned observational studies such as the SNAP satellite and the United Kingdom's DarkCam, but both of these are at the mercy of government funding decisions. The second part is whether dark energy can be understood in terms of fundamental theory. This is a more open question. At the least it would require an understanding of theory from a particle-physics viewpoint. But it would also require an understanding of why the expected divergence of one-loop fluctuations is suppressed. I think it is safe to say we are still far from such an understanding.

Past NASA Funding

If you follow the news, you know that just about every issue of the New York Times and many editions of the evening news carry stories related to NASA and its astronomy and space science programs. Either reporting about its manned space flight program, explaining the trials and victories of the International Space Station, or simply presenting some new astronomical discovery, newspapers and television programs around the world give astronomy its due. NASA does not receive a large amount of government funding compared to other agencies. NASA funding, as explained in detail in Chapter 3, represents less than 1 percent of the total FY 2001 federal budget. Why, then, does this one agency have such a seemingly disproportionate impact on our daily lives Perhaps because NASA and its programs help us to imagine and see other worlds that we will never visit and give us an outsider's perspective on our own planet. The pictures that NASA provides of the Earth, solar system objects, and distant...

The First Starships

As discussed by Ben Finney and Eric Jones, there are two basic approaches to interstellar expansion via light sail. In keeping with previous terrestrial folk migrations, humans might launch a series of relatively slow but comparatively inexpensive solar-sail starships, which might be called slow boats or nomads. If large-scale and stable government funding is available, we might instead select to travel in more expensive but speedier fast ships propelled by the radiation pressure of a solar-powered laser, beaming energy from the inner solar system to the distant starship.

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