Remarks on the Electromagnetic Radiation Field K0g

The characteristics of the field K0g. TETG assumes the existence of a narrow electromagnetic radiation band, of a specific intensity K0g (formula (3)), throughout the Solar System. The most probable characteristics of K0g are: (a) the specific intensity as a thermodynamic measure: k0K0 = 2.46 x 107m s-2 ; (b) the wavelengths X satisfy the relation 2.4 x 10-15m < 0 < 14.8944 x 10-15m, where 0 is the diameter of the substance nuclei; (c) the mean frequencies of the field; vxmean > 1023Hz; (d) the energy transported by each quantum: E > 6.6256 • 10-11J ; (e) the frequency band of K0 being very narrow it satisfies the condition 10" <vxmean < 10"+1, with n > 23, corresponding to the relation 1 < VA < 6.206. (f) the absorption coefficient per unit mass k and the specific intensity of the field K0g are fundamental physical constants, given by relation (19).

The homogeneity constant k0. Using the considerations in Section 2, the following relation can be written:

ri2 ri2

If the unit of the Newtonian force is Newton [N] and if [ K0 g ] _ 1 J m s and k_ 2.710706814 x 10-18 m2kg-1, then considering the relation kf12 = 1

we obtain:

k0 _-L- _ 6672 x 10-" _ 2.46 x 107m kg-1 s. (40)

If we suppose that k0 _ 1 kg-1 m s , then for the real value of the field K0 in the region of the Solar System, we obtain

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