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Now this really sounds silly, but it's important. Astronomy is, for most of us still a hobby. If it becomes too much hard work, we will cease to do it because all the hard work detracts from the joy of it too much. One of the most frustrating things you will encounter is difficulty getting all your stuff to and from the car. Time yourself and figure out how long it takes to get all your stuff from its storage location into the car or out to the back yard observing site. If it is taking you more than fifteen minutes, you really need to organize better. The more work it takes to get yourself going, the more infrequently you are going to put yourself through it. Also consider how heavy the load is in addition to how voluminous. You may not have to make a lot of trips but even two or three can still be too many if you are moving so much weight that you throw your back out. That's why one of my telescopes is a tabletop model that I can be set up and observing through in less than two minutes flat. For the Celestron, I can be in the car, or mounted in the back yard in less than ten minutes. That includes the time to carry out the tripod and wedge, telescope, table, eyepiece case and computer. Polar alignment time is not included in that, but that does not take me very long either.

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

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