4.3 x10"11 W

is power at the entrance to the optics

Define optical transmission factor x0

Design parameter

T0 = 0.75

Typical value for optical systems

Find Input power, Pq , at the detector pixel

32 x 10"11 W

Very little power arrives at each pixel

Determine available energy, E, after Integration time


7.8 x 10-18 Ws

Radiometric design challenge for FlreSat

Find no. of available photons, Np

Np= EX/he

Np 3 1.7 x1o4

h is Planck's constant, els speed of light

Define quantum efficiency, QE, of debtor at A

Design parameter

QE= 0.5

Typical physical property of detector material

Compute no. of electrons available, Ng

0 0

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