Mission: Earth Observation

Orbit: Geosynchronous

Payload: Body mounted telescope and attitude sensors Configuration Features:

- Equipment Compartment 4.5 m dla cylinder

- Solar Array: Body mounted on cylinder and on deployed panels

-Appendages: Solar panels and communications antennas

- Attitude Control: Cylinder axis pointed toward nadir; Body rotates slowly about cylinder axis to scan the payload FOV

Weight: 2,273 kg Power. 1.274W


Mission: Earth Observation Orbit: 700 km, Sun synchronous Payload: Multispectral scanner fixed to spacecraft body with internal scanning mirror Configuration Features:

- Equipment Compartment Triangular cylinder 2 m dla, 4 m long

- Solar Array: Four panel deployed planar, single axis pointing control

- Appendages: Communication antenna

- Attitude Control: 3-axis control, 1 face toward nadir, 1 axis in direction of flight

Wt: 940 kg Power: 990 W BOL, 840 W EOL

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