Unes, Valves, & Fittings

Dependent on detailed spacecraft design

Example spacecraft of Sec. 10.6 used 6.8 kg (HEAO) & 7.5 kg (FLTSATCOM)

10.4.2 Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem

Attitude control requirements are based on those for payload pointing and the spacecraft bus pointing. Table 10-13 lists possible design requirements. If we must control the attitude of all or part of the payload, we have to decide whether to point the entire spacecraft or to articulate the payload or part of the payload. In the extreme case of a scanning payload fixed to the spacecraft's body, we must scan with the entire spacecraft Similar decisions are necessary for parts of the spacecraft that need orienting in other directions such as pointing at the Sun.

TABLE 10-13. Typical Sources of Requirements for Attitude Control.


Information Needed

Payload Requirements:

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