Fig. 13-20. A Comparison of Crosslink Package Weights. At data rates greater than about 100 Mbps, an optical system provides the lightest package [Chan, 1988].

between 4 to 14 dB. These losses are overcome by using low data rates of 10 to 100 bps, advanced coding techniques, and high-gain, narrow-beam optics.

Commercial satellites for both 2 GHz mobile satellite service and 38/49 GHz trunking service have proposed use of optical intersatellite links between satellites for efficient data transmission. They promise the advantages cited above in Figs. 13-19 and 13-20. A listing of these proposals is in Table 13-19.

TABLE 13-19. Communications Satellite Systems.

System Name


No. Satellites

No. Antenna Beams



Star Lynx

0 0

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