Table 13-1

2. Design Each Link

(Input link geometry, data rate from

A. Select frequency band

B. Select modulation, coding

C. Apply antenna size, beamwidth constraints (if any)

D. Estimate atmospheric, rain absorption

E. Estimate received noise, Interference powers

F. Calculate required antenna gains and transmitter power

Sees. 13.3.2,13.3.6

3. Size the Communication Payload Subsystem

A. Select payload antenna configuration

B. Calculate antenna size

C. Estimate antenna mass

D. Estimate transmitter mass and power

E. Estimate payload mass and power

Tables 13-14,13-15 Table 13-14 Table 13-16 Fig. 13-15 Sees. 11411.3, +• 3C and 3D above

4. Iterate Back to Table 13-1

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