Density p

2.8 x103 kg/m3

Ultimate Tensile Strength F/y

524x10® N/m2

Yield Tensile Strength Fty

448 x 106 N/mz

from which the required cylinder area moment of inertia, I, is 8.982 x 10s cm4 and the required thickness, t = I /(nR3) is 0.286 cm. The bending mode requirement is much more critical. For a 0.286-cm thickness, the cylinder's cross-sectional area is 180 cm2.

Applied and Equivalent Axial Loads

By multiplying the spacecraft weight by the load factors, we can derive the limit or maximum expected loads. See Table 11-58 for the example cylinder limit loads.

TABLE 11-58. Cylinder Applied Loads.The distance Is measured from the base to the cylinder's center of mass. Load factors are from Table 11 -57.


Distance (m)

Load Factor

Limit Load



0 0

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