Tables 10-35 and 10-36 present the power and weight budgets for FLTSATCOM and HEAO-B. HEAO-B had two normal power modes: cruise and ground pass. The table shows power requirements for both modes, together with the orbital average. The batteries were sized for 20% depth of discharge because the mission life exceeded 5,0(M) discharge cycles. For FLTSATCOM, payload power, including noted power conversion losses, is the main entry. The FLTSATCOM battery was large enough to support the full operating power during the maximum eclipse of 1.2 hours. The batteries operated at a maximum depth of discharge of 70% and required a recharge power of 167 W. Designers sized the array for a beginning-of-life power of 1,800 W.

TABLE 10-35. Power Budgets for FLTSATCOM and HEAO-B (See Tables 10-6,10-7, and 10-8).


FLTSATCOM Power Budget (W)

HEAO-B Power Budget Cruise Mode (W)

HEAO-B Power Budget Ground Pass (W)



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