Can use other Instruments (GPS ' receiver, star sensor, I IMlis) to improve ' accuracy |

Not being actively marketed for space at the present time

Could use attitude sensor data

Could, in principle, use observation payload data

Operation with less than full constellation can be a problem; has no absolute | position reference

Similar to MANS with higher accuracy and availability

Operating Range

LEO only

LEO to GEO, lunar and planetary orbits


Principally LEO

Principally LEO

Principally LEO

LEO to GEO, planetary orbits

Typical Accuracy (3a)

15 m-100 m 1 in LEO 1

100 m-400 m in LEO (using only Earth, Sun and Moon)

250 m

150 m-1 km

Several kilometers

Theoretically as good as 50 m

100 m-400 m in LEO

0 0

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