x = -xa

y = -yea2

z = 2Z<B2

Centrifugal (due to spacecraft rotation in inertial frame)

x = xm2

y = 0

Z = ZÛ12

Sinusoidal Vibration along Xaxis of frequency f and amplitude A

X = A(2nf)2

Coriolis Force from material moving in the spacecraft frame

x = 2za)

y = 0


TABLE 8-2. Microgravity Levels. Each entry gives the conditions under which a microgravity level of 1 fig will be achieved, assuming a gravity-gradient stabilized spacecraft at 700 km. c.m. = center of mass.


x direction

y direction

z direction

Aerodynamic Drag

Altitude of 360 km at solar max, 260 km at solar min for m/CoA = 65 kg/m2

0 0

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