Decommissioning Review Flight Readiness Review Mission Concept Review Mission DeMon Review

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PRR Preliminary Requirements

Review QR Qualification Review SAR System Acceptance Review SDR System Definition Review SRR System Requirements Review space missions. The developer is the procuring agent, be it government or a commercial enterprise, and includes the contractors, subcontractors, and government development, and test organizations. The operators and users must generate technically and fiscally responsible requirements; the developer must provide the necessary product or capability on time and within changing political and funding constraints.

Three basic activities occur during the Concept Exploration Phase (see Fig. 1-2). Users and operators develop and coordinate a set of broad needs and performance objectives based on an overall concept of operations. At the same time, developers generate alternative concepts to meet the perceived needs of the user and operating community. In addition, the sponsor performs long-range planning, develops an overall program structure, and estimates budgetary needs and available funding to meet the needs of the users, operators, and developers. In order to be successful in producing and deploying a new space capability, the four key players in this activity must closely integrate their areas of responsibility.

This book emphasizes the concept exploration phase which further divides into needs analysis and concept development, as detailed in Table 1-3. The goal during concept exploration is to assess the need for a space mission and to develop affordable alternatives that meet operator and end-user requirements. The Needs Analysis is a

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