Principal Design Variables

Number of Satellites

Principal cost and coverage driver

Minimize number consistent with meeting other criteria

Sec. 7.6.1

Constellation Pattern

Determines coverage vs. latitude, plateaus

Select for best coverage

Sec. 7.6.1

Minimum Elevation Angle

Principal determinant of single satellite coverage

Minimum value consistent with constellation pattern

Sees. 5.3.1, 7.6.1


Coverage, environment, launch, & transfer cost

System level trade of cost vs. performance

Sees. 7.2,7.6.1

Number of Orbit Planes

Determines coverage plateaus, growth and degradation

Minimize consistent with coverage needs

Sec. 7.6.1

Coltislon Avoidance Parameters

Key to preventing constellation self-destruction

Maximize the intersatel-lite distances at plane crossings

Sec. 7.6.2

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