^e'ocity vector^^ To nadir ^

Mission: Communications

Orbit: Geosynchronous

Payload: S, K, and C band communication transponders with multiple antennas Configuration Features:

- Equipment Compartment

2.5 m hexagonal cylinder. Auxiliary compartments behind each of the large steerable antennas -Solar Array. Deployed planar panels on both sides of equipment compartment. Single-axis articulation

- Appendages: Two 5 m steerable parabolic antennas, one 2 m steerable antenna, one 1.5 m fixed parabolic antenna

-Attitude Control: 3-axis control, one face toward nadir, 1-axis In direction of flight

Weight: 2,200 kg Power: 1,700 W

Fig. 10-1. Typical Spacecraft Showing Different Configuration Options. (Continued)

FOV = field-of-view; BOL = beglnning-of-lffe; EOL = end-of-life.

C. Spacecraft Configurations Featuring Long Booms

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