The Space Technology Library

Published jointly by Microcosm Press and Kluwer Academic Publishers

An Introduction to Mission Design for Geostationary Satellites, J. J. Pocha Space Mission Analysis and Design, 1st edition, James R. Weitz and Wiley J. Larson *Space Mission Analysis and Design, 2nd edition, Wiley J. Larson and James R. Wertz *Space Mission Analysis and Design Workbook, Wiley J. Larson and James R. Wertz Handbook of Geostationary Orbits, E. M. Soop

''Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms, From Concept to Launch, Thomas P. Sarafin Spaceflight life Support and Biospherics, Peter Eckart *Reducing Space Mission Cost, James R. Wertz and Wiley J. Larson The Logic of Microspace, Rick Fleeter Space Marketing: A European Perspective, Walter A. R. Peeters Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications, 2nd edition, David A. Vallado Mission Geometry; Orbit and Constellation Design and Management, James R. Wertz Influence of Psychological Factors on Product Development, Eginaldo Shizuo Kamata Essential Spaceflight Dynamics and Magnetospherlcs, Boris Rauschenbakh,

Michael Ovchinnikov, and Susan McKenna-Lawlor Space Psychology and Psychiatry, Nick Kanas and Dietrich Mcuwy Fundamentals of Space Medicine, Oilles Cl&nent

*Also In the DoD/NASA Space Technology Series (Managing Editor Wiley J. Larson)

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