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Characteristics For Those Born In March

In the medical aspect of Divine Astrology, Pisces rules the feet. It is important for you to walk barefoot on the grass, to regenerate the body through the magnetic fields of the earth itself. Your intuition is remarkable and should be well heeded when confronted with serious decisions. A word of caution for Pisces Do not swim downstream as your induced faith could take you to Neptune's deepest quicksand with no option for return. David Koresh and the Rev. Jim Jones are good examples of Neptune's deceiving religious captains. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness and Moon planning will become a major contribution to happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragons Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of Neptune in your chart. You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my new book entitled, I Know All About You, The Power Of The Dragon or And God Created The Stars .

Characteristics For Those Born In September

Advanced souls are great mental leaders and masters in communication. Robert Shapiro and Marcia Clark (O.J. Simpson trial attorneys) are Virgos and indicative of your intellectual potential pertaining to investigation and the law. You may be prone to headaches or head injury, eye and sinus problems. Be aware of your environment in public places. You are prone to poisoning and are strongly advised to keep away from alcohol and narcotics. Also, be aware, diets that are too restrictive may cause just as many problems as over-indulgence. Your body and metabolism are both well equipped to deal with all types of food, including red meat. If your natural desire for perfection prevails and you eliminate this red source of food, you must then substitute it with different red foods such as red wine, hot peppers or other thermogenic foods. If you happen to suffer headaches or migraines, you may find relief by walking barefoot on the grass (or close to a body of water) to regenerate from the...

The Communications Satellite A Catalyst for Democracy and Social Improvement

The electronic switchboard in space has now become the modern tyrant's most fearsome enemy. With their unique ability to shower countless invisible lines of information gently and continuously on the free and the oppressed alike, communications satellites serve as extraterrestrial beacons of freedom, supporting the inalienable rights of human beings everywhere to pursue life, liberty, and individual happiness.

Characteristics For Those Born In November

Many advanced Pluto children will fly like an eagle above the destructive Lizard emotions and legendary jealousy. You can use your inborn mystical gifts to succeed where others would fail. Strong, private and dominant, you were born with a practical mind and an acute intuition. Your lesson is to control and direct constructively your deep emotions and use Pluto's ultimate power for the well being of society. You regenerate with investigation and spiritual growth, and must uncover your unique mission in life. You are interested and aspire only for the undiluted truth. The women of this sign are seen in Divine Astrology as la femme fatale. You are sensual, classic, intellectual, reserved, and super magnetic. You tend to use your inner sexual power and physical beauty to reach your goals. However, even as a powerful Scorpio, you are very weak with affairs of the heart and tend to be in love with love. A word of caution for you Do not use your poisonous stinger against yourself or...

Life on the High Frontier

Many proposals for space colonies are beautifully written and lavishly illustrated. Based on a combination of science and art, they are mixtures of reality and wish. They offer the lure of a better life, including pleasant surroundings, improved political forms that thoughtfully balance the needs of the individual and community, supportive social relations that rest on personal trust and caring, tremendous individual freedom, and increased opportunity to find happiness and material wealth. Terra foresees initial groups of one hundred to two hundred settlers forming colonies in various sectors of the Oort Cloud. These settlers would have to be extremely rugged and self-reliant. They would be forced to pool their resources and efforts to survive and prosper. Of necessity, they would be highly cooperative with one another. Everyone would have considerable latitude for individual expression (so that they can find happiness), but it is very unlikely that anyone would become so...

The Names and Lore of Spica

Spica and Arcturus are paired in another memorable imagining, this one in ancient China. According to Gertrude and James Jobes, the two bright stars were the Horns of the Dragon and spring was calculated from the time that the Full Moon appeared between these horns. With warmth of feeling, a great display ofjoy, write the Jobeses, the people, who used the skies as a calendar, watched the winter draw to a close when the Moon 'rode the Dragon's Horns.' Furthermore, they say, This association with spring may have been the reason Show Sing, god of long life, may have chosen Spica for his home. This venerable and wise old man rode about on a stag accompanied by a bat, symbol of happiness and longevity. Show Sing, smiling and kindly, always carried peaches, the fruit of immortality.

Plutos impact on Generations Past Present Future

Slowly but surely, mankind is witnessing the slow and painful suffocating end of another young generation. Hopefully, our scientists will cast the ridicule aside and a solid investigation of Divine Astrology will bring it back into the traditional educational system. Only then, the real therapeutic deeds involving Astrology will begin to heal and regenerate the psyches of all of these unquiet spirits. We, the people, in the name of knowledge, love and happiness, still have time to make the change. That's why I am working fervently to produce this work, for the children of this specific generation. For if they get the right spiritual help, and do rebirth from their own ashes, the incredible potential of this Eagle generation can uplift humanity and the world to its highest and most glorious potential.

Characteristics For Those Born In December

You must adapt to the saying, to be a millionaire, you must act and think like one. Your sign rules the wilderness, the desert, and the Indians. This also represents some of your past lives with the Incas, the Sumerians and Atlantis, where you had a position of spiritual power. A word of caution Souls born with an overbearing Jupiter energy must guard against the codification of thoughts (books) and biblical materials your lesson is to realize that God cannot be confined to any man-made buildings, deities or archaic doctrines. The advanced ones (truth seekers) will lead the rest of us towards the reality of God's manifestation through the stars. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness of Moon planning will become a major contribution to your happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Jupiter in your chart. You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my...

Forecast For Those Born In January j

As a rule, those born in January strive for spiritual or artistic endeavors. This new Dragon may force you to travel, learn and teach your newfound knowledge away from a non-progressive group or friends. Saturn is solid rational planet when changes may not be easily accepted, but doing so will bring a new restructure of your philosophical and religious outlook that will bring you long lasting peace and stability. Remember to respect the Universal Law (the fish tail of the goat) and Capricorn must move upstream with the tide. In time you reach the pure water of true wisdom, happiness and love. The opportunity to make serious mental progress and travel far is offered to you this year. This celestial process will bring you much luck if you take on the challenge of investing in new ideas, new concepts and metaphysical pursuits through traveling. If you accept the challenges, the Dragon will smile at you and promote true happiness. The women of this sign are original, independent,...

The Jovian LineUp

Jupiter was the supreme god in Roman mythology. In Middle English his name was transmuted into Jove, from which the word jovial comes, because, during the astro-logically obsessed Middle Ages, the influence of Jupiter was regarded as the source of human happiness. Another adjective, jovian, usually spelled with a lowercase initial letter, means like Jupiter. If the terrestrial planets have Earthlike ( terrestrial ) qualities, all the jovian planets have much in common with Jupiter.

Rodent Studies

Still more investigations focused on changes in the muscles and bones of 74 male rats (Rattus norvegicus), 28 of which actually flew on Columbia, while another 45 served as ground-based 'control' specimens. Originally, 29 rats were supposed to fly, but a clogged water line in one of the cages failed early on 5 June, just a few hours before launch, and so it was flown 'empty'. ''I assume he's having a happy life now,'' Test Director Mike Leinbach said of the sole rat dropped from the mission.

Isaac Newton

In the house where he lodged there were some female inmates, in whose company he appears to have taken much pleasure. One of these, a Miss Storey, sister to Dr. Storey, a physician at Buckminster, near Colsterworth, was two or three years younger than Newton and to great personal attractions she seems to have added more than the usual allotment of female talent. The society of this young lady and her companions was always preferred to that of his own school-fellows, and it was one of his most agreeable occupations to construct for them little tables and cupboards, and other utensils for holding their dolls and their trinkets. He had lived nearly six years in the same house with Miss Storey, and there is reason to believe that their youthful friendship gradually rose to a higher passion but the smallness of her portion, and the inadequacy of his own fortune, appear to have prevented the consummation of their happiness. Miss Storey was afterwards twice married, and under the name of...

Mission Extended

Very little of the research conducted on USMP-3 could have been done without the ability of the ground to command 'their' experiments via telescience and, in total, more than 2,300 instructions were transmitted to Columbia during the two-week mission. ''I couldn't be happier. The science we've obtained is fundamental to a lot of processes that are very important to all of us,'' Curreri concluded as the flight drew to a close.


Typical of theologies, as systematic positions, seems to be that they offer a particular view of the way the world is and a view of the way the world should be, thus of the True and the Good, of the real and the ideal. Each theology is a particular view of the relationship between a cosmology (in the metaphysical sense as a view of the way the world is) and an axiology, that is, a view of the values that should be realized. About a century ago William James wrote in The Varieties of Religious Experience on the difference 'whether one accepts the universe in the drab discolored way of stoic resignation to necessity, or with the passionate happiness of Christian saints'. 'At bottom the whole concern of both morality and religion is with the manner of our acceptance of the universe. Do we accept it only in part and grudgingly, or heartily and altogether Shall our protests against certain things in it be radical and unforgiving, or shall we think that, even with evil, there are ways of...


Consequences are anticipated in utopian and dystopian literature. Frances Bacon's Nova Atlantis, from 1627, is the archetype of a utopia inspired by technology and science. Thomas More's Utopia (1516) is a vision of a better world, based on a well-designed social organization. Bacon's technological optimism contrasts with the pessimistic view of Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World (1932). George Orwell's Animal Farm (1945) can be seen as a counterpoint to the social utopia of a Thomas More. Social utopias, in the twentieth century represented by authoritarian regimes such as communism, seek to establish happiness by controlling human behaviour. Again and again they had to limit human freedom. A technological utopia seeks to control our environment.

A real turning point

Their happiness was boundless when their first son Wilson was born in 1918, but tragedy would strike the family a few years later when their second son Claire, then two years old, found and swallowed some insect poison. They rushed him to the doctor, but he passed away soon after. For the rest of their lives, Fred and Mabel would maintain that their doctor had mistakenly given Claire the wrong antidote. The birth of baby Karl in 1926 was treated as a blessed event, and he was raised in an environment of love and security.10