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Cosmic Explosions in Three flS Dimensions

Pawan Kumar received his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1988. He subsequently held positions at the High Altitude Observatory and at MIT, and in 1996 he took up a long-term visiting professorship at the Institute for Advanced Study. In 2002 he became Professor of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin where he is a key member of the innovative UTeach science education program. He is an expert on helioseismology and more recently he has actively worked on the physics of gamma-ray bursts, especially models for the collimation of and radiation from the associated energy flow.

Letter from the Author

The tsunami disaster in Asia and other calamities such as hurricane Katrina made us all also aware of how powerful Mother Nature really is and how vulnerable we really are. America is a great country but also a very young religious country and intercomparable to the Middle East in so many ways. Like many other countries in need to grow spiritually, the new Dragon in the religious sign of Pisces will impose this worldwide religious fanaticism insanity to stop. But how can you alter and redirect

Expressed In Simplest Form

In the laboratory Lorentz frame, the electric field is E, the magnetic field B. Special cases are (1) pure electric field (B 0) (2) pure magnetic field (E 0) and (3) radiation field or null field (E and B equal in magnitude and perpendicular in direction). All cases other than (1), (2), and (3) are generic. In the generic case, calculate the Poynting density of flow of energy E X B and the density of energy (E2 + B2) Sir. Define the direction of a unit vector n and the magnitude of a velocity parameter a by the ratio of energy flow to energy density View the same electromagnetic field in a rocket frame moving in the direction of n with the velocity parameter a (not 2a factor 2 comes in because energy flow and energy density are components, not of a vector, but of a tensor). By employing the formulas for a Lorentz transformation (equation 3.23), or otherwise, show that the energy flux vanishes in the rocket frame, with the consequence that E and B are parallel. No one can prevent the...

Solar Structure and Irradiance Properties

A qualitative picture of the modes of outward energy flow from the sun is given in Figure 2-1. The source of solar activity lies within the central core region. The process by which the energy is generated within the core is similar to the mechanism exploited in the detonation of fusion weapons, but in the case of the sun these reactions are hidden from us because they are constrained by the enormous gravitation pressure of the overlying solar layers. Energy Flow Figure 2-1 A model of energy flow from the sun. Shown are the temperature, density, and phenomenological profiles. The central core region is the seat of energy production. The major zones in the outer region (i.e., > 0.86 Rs) include the convection zone, the photosphere, the chromosphere, and the corona. The corona is observed with a coronograph or during a solar eclipse. The personality of the corona is of major significance in space weather predictions. Adapted from Jursa 1985 Energy Flow Figure 2-1 A model of energy...

Space habitability and the environment

Spacefaring is a partnership involving technology and people Many believe that space exploration will help us grow psychologically and spiritually The human factors in space are the human capabilities and limitations in relations to jobs, machine, and work environment, as well as the personality, interests, attitudes, social relations, and culture of the spacefarers Because we have not evolved in Earth orbit, on the Moon and on Mars, we must be inventive just to survive. Habitability depends to a greater degree on the specifications of the spacecraft, and to a lesser degree on the attitudes and expectations of its occupants it also depends on life support systems that maintain a satisfactory atmosphere, keep temperature and humidity within tolerable limits, guarantee adequate supplies of food and water, and assure acceptable levels of hygiene.

The Data what we have learned

These data show that an unusually strong interaction occurs between the radio jet and the dense cooling-core into which it tries to propagate. The interaction seems to destabilize the jet, on a scale of only a few kpc (the short jets in M87, Perseus A and A2052 are good examples here). It follows that the evolution of a cluster-core RG is not governed by directed momentum flux, in a large-scale jet, as is the case with most RGs. Instead, isotropized energy flow from a disrupted jet creates the amorphous haloes that we see. The strong RG-CC interaction is also suggestive of an effective energy transfer between the jet and the local cooling core however the details of the process remain unclear.

Physics of the IRSubmillimeter Galaxy Population

The origin of the high bolometric luminosities of IR-mm source populations is a critical current-day issue, since these are among the most important contributors to the cosmic energy budget (see Chapter 4). An estimate of the global ratio of the energy produced by gravitational accretion in AGNs and by young stars then requires a detailed analysis of their physical properties.

Modeling supernovae with large asymmetries

Some supernova models show large asymmetries like the jet powered 'hypernova' models (Maeda & Nomoto 2003 Maeda, this volume Hoflich et al. 1999, etc.) or the collision of a Type Ia supernova with its companion star (Marietta et al. 2000). In these cases there are large, distinct regions with not only different compositions, but densities as well. This should lead to diffential rates of energy flow and thus different temperature structures in each region. The question is whether each region is large enough to be treated semi-independently of the others. One method used for stars with surface variation is to treat each separate region with an independent 1-D model and assume there is no interaction. For supernovae this is somewhat more difficult since supernovae are more spherical, that is the height above the photosphere is a much larger than in stars, so the lateral distance for the supernova atmosphere to become optically thick, and therefore independent, is a much larger...

Insitu Calibration Of The Cms Electromagnetic Calorimeter

The in-situ intercalibration of the PbWC> 4 crystals of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter will be performed using three techniques An energy-flow method will be used at startup to intercalibrate to a precision of around 2 within about three hours. The energy momentum measurement of isolated electrons from W ei events will then be used to obtain the design goal precision of 0.5 within about two months. Global intercalibration of different regions of the calorimeter and the determination of the absolute energy scale will be performed using energetic electrons from Z > e+e events.

Characteristics For Those Born In March

Nevertheless, your good heart is not surpassed by any other sign of the zodiac and the advanced ones possess spiritual healing powers. Highly evolved people born in March will lead many lost souls out of the deep clouds of deception towards the true colors of love and cosmic consciousness. Your soul's purpose is to swim upstream towards the ethereal light of oneness to find God. A young March spirit is deceiving, complaining and addicted to religious dogmas, cult endeavors, chemicals, drugs, and alcohol. Pisces is a karmic sign and has within itself the potential to reach immortality, fame and fortune through artistic or spiritual work.

Pulsational properties of core Heburning stars

The basic theory of pulsating stars was developed by Eddington ( 68 , 69 ) who showed the physical reasons why some stars pulsate while others do not. In principle, any star experiencing a transient perturbation in its interior or in the external regions may experience radial pulsations. However, as demonstrated by Eddington, these induced pulsations would be damped out very quickly, on a timescale of few thousand years. For a given stellar mass, the radius of a star is roughly fixed by the energy flow through the star. In order to have stable radial pulsations, this energy flux and, in turn, the radius has to vary in a periodic way.

Fragile Planet Earth The View From Space

Tte Earth's diameter is one thousand times greater than the width of the atmosphere surrounding it. Indeed, the distance from the ground to the top of the sky is only about 12 kilometers, or no farther than you might run in an hour. And this narrow, changing atmosphere is linked to the Sun by an energy flow that sustains life.

Id 9gr0v72 vgr0v72 idt 2 Vx 2ko V

The wave is caused by the reaction of the background medium to the wave energy flow and therefore to the wave pressure exerted by the wave on the medium. The pressure variations change the local conditions of wave propagation by affecting the background plasma density and temperature, and in magnetized plasmas also the magnetic field pressure and stresses. When these changes become susceptible, they cause the plasma dielectric response function to deviate from its linear form. As a consequence, the wave properties themselves are modulated, and the nonlinear wave may look very unlike the familiar linear waves. Famous examples are hydrodynamic and plasma turbulence, where the media are highly distorted and the wave modes present cannot in a simple way be identified with the well-known linear hydrodynamic or plasma modes.

The Inflating Universe

The total energy in the universe therefore remains constant, as required by the law of energy conservation. In a certain sense, the positive and negative energies originate from the vacuum. There is no specific creation of energy in this process, and the energy beforehand is the same as the energy afterwards.

Window on Fairyland

Hope that we had reached two goals (a) to show that the coherence that is the Great Dance is something science can acknowledge without going out of its limits (b) to prove that, by the same token, whatever was valid in the strange world of elementals, demons, djinns, and cosmic energies in which magic believes could find a permanent place in the ivory tower of science. The idea that man is a special animal, that there is something special in his way of knowing and feeling could thus be dispelled, and the tower of science would appear again in its majesty as containing the whole of reality. Unfortunately, in the world of man's sensible experience, certain signs and objects, both natural and manmade, influence the activity of the animal Homo sapiens in a very curious way they are symbols. Within limits, they can be the object of scientific studies, but they cannot be explained without calling into play the whole combination of instincts, archetypes, automatic responses, reason, and will...

Dark Energy from Braneworld Gravity

The current standard model of cosmology - the inflationary cold dark matter model with cosmological constant (LCDM), based on general relativity and particle physics (the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model) - provides an excellent fit to the wealth of high-precision observational data 1 . In particular, independent data sets from CMB anisotropies, galaxy surveys and SNe redshifts, provide a consistent set of model parameters. For the fundamental energy density parameters, this is shown in Fig. 11.1. The data indicates that the cosmic energy budget is given by

Inertial Range Spectrum

Here we are interested in the deformation of the Langmuir wave spectrum. We consider the inertial collapse range, when the Langmuir wave energy flows through the wavenumber space during collapse from the long-wavelength regime into the short- wavelength regime before becoming dissipated. In this range the energy flux is simply a constant, meaning that the energy flowing in at long wavelengths flows out at short wavelengths This equation corresponds to Kolmogorov's postulate. The velocity of energy flow in k-space is given by dk dt, with the time depending on the wavenumber. From the above scaling we found for the collapse time tc a Ld 2 a k d 2. Inserting into Kolmogorov's condition, we immediately find that the spectral energy density of the Langmuir waves in the inertial range, where no dissipation is taken into account, scales as In two dimensions the spectrum thus scales as We a 1 k2, while in three dimensions it scales as We a 1 k5 2. This shape of the spectral energy density of...

D9 A Visionary Nursing Leader Martha E Rogers

By discussing anticipated body changes and field patterning, Dr. Rogers struggled to integrate into her science of unitary beings, a sense of the emerging differences in future spacekind. She supported the value of transcendental meditation, imagery, and therapeutic touch for both earthbound and patients offworld. Rogers even discussed how the use of color, light, and sound could help space travelers in their adjustments to orbital living. Dr. Rogers often spoke of a whole new world of transcendental unity, while defining the role of a space nurse as to promote human spacekind wellbeing, whatever that may be. She challenged her colleagues who follow to ensure that nursing becomes not only a distinctive scientific discipline, but also have its distinctive body of knowledge contribute to fuller human emergence on the high frontier Subsequently, Dr. Philip Harris (2003) maintained that apart from the Shuttle program and the International Space Station, the Moon is likely to offer the...

Across The Great Divide

We scientists view the question as part of our turf, as the proper subject of astrobiology. In recent decades, however, another train of belief has been gathering steam on a parallel track. Although science has been on a roll of confidence and power since the Enlightenment, antiscientific voices are increasingly audible on the cultural airwaves. Creationism, faith healing, astrology, postmodern relativism, and New Age spirituality are among those beliefs that mainstream science regards as dangerous superstitions threatening the rational basis of our society. Many adherents of these beliefs view science as equally dangerous, threatening our very survival with an amoral, materialistic, antispiritual attitude and an out-of-control pursuit of new technology. Nowhere is the gulf between expert scientific opinion and popular folk beliefs greater than on the subject of aliens.

Characteristics For Those Born In December

The planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius govern the month of December. You are a philosopher, a natural teacher and classified in Divine Astrology as Truth Seeker. You would do well in learning or teaching computers, aeronautics, law, religion, communications, radio, and language. You are also attracted to holistic healing, animals, Indians, and the world of sports. Your desire to travel to foreign lands is quite strong. Doing so will take you far away, giving you the option to return with incredible knowledge to teach to the rest of us. You were born with the gift of teaching and you will always promote a form of purity and organization in life. You can do quite well in office work and

The Eternal Solar Wind

Tte notion that something is always being expelled from the Sun first arose from observations of comet tails. Comets appear unexpectedly almost anywhere in the sky, moving in every possible direction, but with tails that always point away from the Sun. A comet therefore travels headfirst when approaching the Sun and tail-first when departing from it. Ancient Chinese astronomers concluded that the Sun must have a chi, or life force, that blows the comet tails away. And in the early 1600s, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) proposed that the pressure of sunlight pushes the comet tails away from the Sun.

Fields and the Space Time Continuum

Although the notion of field has an intuitive quality, so much so that even many healers speak of cosmic energy fields and the like, when it comes to showing what a force field is a physicist is tempted to resort to equations and leave it at that. The reason (at least in the cases I know) is that, when you are being trained in physics, you start with vectors and other simple notions, then you are introduced to position dependent forces and energies, then you grow familiar with the flow of a fluid (which assigns a velocity vector to each particle of a continuous medium, and therefore to each point of a certain region of space), then you are introduced to electrostatics and magnetism and finally you are shown that electric and magnetic forces can be assigned to the individual points of a certain region of space, regardless of whether those points are occupied by bodies capable of exerting such forces. If at this stage you are still tempted to think that you are dealing with a sort of...

Polynesian Temple Platforms and Enclosures

The temple platform or enclosure was a sacred place constructed, used, and maintained by a particular family or social group, or for people of a certain social rank. In the Society Islands, for example, there existed maraes serving individual households the inhabitants of a district people in the same kinship group those in particular occupations such as healers, canoe builders, and fishermen and the high chiefs or ari'i nui. Temple sites were used for a variety of purposes. Thus in Hawai'i, the large and elaborate lu-akini heiau, which were the exclusive preserve of high chiefs, might be used for investitures or religious rites including sacrifices, while at the other end of the scale, modest ko'a were built by commoners as simple fishing shrines. There existed war heiau, medicinal heiau, navigational heiau, agricultural heiau, and a host more, all dedicated to the appropriate gods.

Astronomyinspired Atomic And Molecular Physics

In this section, we use a JWKB (Jeffreys-Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin) analysis which has features similar to such classical calculations but is simpler and more straightforward because specific classical trajectories, whether stable or not, need not be computed and we need not deal with the extreme sensitivity to initial conditions that integration of classical equations of motion entail. The two-variable potential in (4.25) is plotted in Fig. 4.2(c), the equipotentials being spherical at small r whereas the rising diamagnetic potential leads to a barrier as p increases. For V > 0, the equipotentials are open along the z-axis (field direction), denoting that at positive energies the electron can escape along (and only along) this axis. The electron has motion simultaneously in p and the former transverse motion always bounded because of the diamagnetic barrier.

Pulse detonation engine performance

Tion of choice, the chosen feed system, and other design parameters. It is only through detailed component energy balancing, coupled with unsteady detonation analysis and loss modeling that accurate estimates of the PDE PDRE performance may be obtained. Three key parameters that determine performance are, nozzle length compared to the detonation tube length, fill fraction (i.e. whether there are multiple detonation waves present in the engine), and detonation frequency.


Boomerang and Maxima had bolometer detectors carried into the stratosphere by balloons. Both produced maps of small sections of the sky at an angular resolution much better than COBE's. These maps demonstrated two things. First, they confirmed COBE's measurements in the common regions of the sky, and second, they revealed the existence of at least the first and possibly the second acoustic peak in the CMB power spectrum (Fig. 1, right panel). As described above, acoustic oscillations are confined to scales smaller than the sound horizon. The angular scale of the first acoustic peak thus reflects the angular size of the sound horizon. How large a fixed physical scale at a known distance appears on the observer's sky depends on the curvature of space. It could be immediately inferred from the location of the first peak that space must be flat or nearly flat. This implies that the total energy density of the Universe must equal the critical value allowing flat space, which is...


The belief that life cannot be explained by ordinary physical laws, and therefore requires some sort of 'extra ingredient', is known as vitalism. Vitalists claim that there is a 'life force' or ' lan vital' which infuses biological systems and accounts for their extraordinary powers and abilities.

Reliability Concerns

Early on, in-flight repair was a NASA policy for Apollo overall. If the agency was to undertake ambitious space missions in the future, Apollo seemed a good time to start to make the craft ''self-healing.'' Still, it did not lead to elegant solutions, especially for the IL, a laboratory that prided itself on the autonomy of its instruments. In fact, for the IL it highlighted remaining uncertainties around integrated circuits, and questions about design. Reliability would dominate debates about the computer as the program moved away from a prototype in a lab to a real computer on the way to the moon.

Navajo Cosmology

The relationship between earth and sky is central to Navajo thought. Father Sky stretches out over Mother Earth the space in between them is inhabited by living beings that live on top of the earth, and the stars which adorn Father Sky. The life force of all living and growing things derives from Mother Earth and Father Sky (or Father Sun).

Legends of Orion

He was so unfeeling about the life of animals that Artemis, the goddess of hunting, sent the giant scorpion (Scorpius) to attack him. He was stung and about to die when Ophiuchus the healer gave Orion an antidote which saved his life. When Orion recovered he realized, after being so close to death, how precious life is and how pitiless and uncaring he had been. He repented and therefore was placed in the heavens with the scorpion whose sting had taught him that all life is precious. See the legend of Sagittarius.

Down In The Valley

One third of the way down the valley on the east side lies the perennially sleepy but spiritually restless town of Crestone. Cradled in the forest beneath the dramatic peaks of the Sangres, and blessed by several rushing mountain streams, Crestone is a power spot (as are Taos, New Mexico, and Sedona, Arizona) that attracts aliens, hippies, and New Age entrepreneurs. These days, you can get about a hundred types of massage and a good latte at most power spots perfect after a long drive through the desert or a journey of many light-years in a cramped saucer. Crestone is so spiritually awakened that it is damn near insomniac. There are temples, and serious practitioners, of many faiths, including

Chaos and stability

A second similar investigation was made for positive energies. The characteristic types of final motions are either a binary and a single particle or complete ionization. Properties of the orbits are summarized in 2D maps of initial values and the transition from negative to positive energy is illustrated. For completeness, we mention the third paper which is mainly concerned with a survey of the periodic orbit for a grid of masses. The numerical solutions are used extensively to map the regions of stability and compare the results with linear stability analysis. Remarkably, linearly stable orbits transformed to 3D survived over at least several thousand periods when integrated directly by the method of section 5.2.

Who Got The Bunk

Scientists don't like it when we are portrayed as unidimensional, robotic, spiritually insensitive, tight-assed, honky geeks.f Straw men can be used, just as inappropriately, to knock down our philosophy. You could quote biologist Richard Dawkins saying that faith is an evil that should be stamped out just like smallpox. You could point to the aid and comfort some American skeptics have given to the Chinese government's brutal, murderous campaign against Falun Gong. All houses of philosophy have rooms built of straw.

Aititude Hardware

Where P is the Poynting vector, which gives the direction and magnitude of energy flow for electromagnetic radiation. Thus, the energy deposited in a photocell and, consequently, the output current, I, is proportional to the cosine of the angle of incidence of the solar radiation.

Echos from the Past

All cosmic processes like the Big Bang, the formation and evolution of galaxies, the creation and the growth of massive Black Holes and the heating of the Universe due to large-scale clustering will imprint characteristic radiation patterns on the electromagnetic spectrum of the universe. The structure of the Universe at the epoch of decoupling is frozen into the 2.7 K Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Star and galaxy light, produced after the Dark Ages by thermonuclear fusion, is mainly confined to the near-infrared, optical and ultraviolet spectral bands. Active black holes in galactic nuclei (AGN), which accrete matter and efficiently convert gravitational energy into radiation, typically shine in a very broad energy band, from radio to gamma wavelengths. The role of dust is also very important it absorbs optical, UV and X-ray light, is warmed up and re-radiates the energy in the far-infrared band. The extragalactic background radiation, i.e. the total cosmic energy density...

The Celestial Empire

The first traces of geographically stable cultures in today's China are located on the banks of the Yellow River and can be dated from about the year 2800 BC. The first imperial period, however, is that of the Xia (c. 2100-1600 BC) and Shang (c. 1600-1000 BC) dynasties, whose capitals were in the Valley of Henan. To this period belongs also the first evidence of a Chinese astronomy, such as, for example, the first recording ever of a solar eclipse. This information was discovered in a strange way. In 1899 an army officer, Wang Yirong, intrigued by a medicine called dragon bones,'' which was suggested by a healer from the Henan province, discovered that the bones were very ancient turtle shells, with carved inscriptions, found in digging excavations near Xiaotun, home of the Shang capital during the second millennium BC.


In the more distant future, even smaller nanomachines can be envisioned. Nanotechnology involves extremely tiny machines, no larger than a few nanometers, that are built up molecule by molecule. A nanometer is just a billionth of a meter you'll need powerful microscopes to be able to see them. If we learn how to arrange atoms and molecules one by one, we could create very, very tiny machines with revolutionary abilities such as self-healing.

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