A5 Miscellaneous Tables

(1) Meeus, J. 1983a. Astronomical Tables of the Sun, Moon, and Planets (Richmond: Willmann-Bell, Inc.), is a collection of interesting and sometimes useful tables. It also contains programs for scientific calculators (HP-67, HP-41C, TI-59). Especially relevant to archaeoas-tronomy are the tables for the Oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn from year 0, the conjunctions of Venus from 0 to 2500; the transits of Venus from 1 to 300 and of Mercury from 1 to 600; the dates of the onsets of the seasons from 1 to 3000.

(2) Goldstine, H.H. 1973. New and Full Moons 1001 B.C. to A.D. 1651. (Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society). The Amer. Phil. Soc. Memoirs, No. 94. This work is another of those inspired by Otto Neugebauer to modernize and make more convenient the study of early science. It provides the times of full and new moons as observed at Baghdad, regarded as approximately equivalent to ancient Babylon. The tables employ a terrestrial longitude correction of +3h00m to Greenwich (therefore, for Greenwich time, -3:00 should be applied), and provide the geocentric (not topocen-tric) lunar longitude at each instant.

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