Babylonian and Hebraic Calendars

The names of the 12 Babylonian months, as noted by Sachs and Hunger (1988), are listed in Table 7.3. The Babylonian calendar survives in a somewhat modified form in the Jewish Calendar, the corresponding month names of which are indicated in parentheses. The Arabic numbers preceding the Hebrew months indicate the order in the civil calendar; the sacred calendar is indicated by the Roman numerals. Because the calendar was lunar, intercalations were required to keep step with the seasons. When a 13th month was deemed necessary, it was usually added after Addaru, but occasionally, it was added after Ululu; these extra months were called simply "second Addaru" or "second Ululu." The counterpart of the former in the Hebrew calendar is Veadar. See van der Waerden (1974, pp. 47-48) for historical details of the Babylonan intercalation.

Table 7.3. Babylonian (and Hebrew) month names.
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