Colorado Area Sites

About a dozen sites with astronomical light and shadow play are known in the region of southeastern Colorado and Oklahoma. Claims that these sites, namely, those at the Purgatoire and Cimarron drainages in Colorado, have pre-Columbian European epigraphic information associated with them are highly controversial and will not be discussed here. DHK thinks that some of the information is in the form of tally marks. See Kelley (1990) for a brief summary of the decipherment problems and McGlone et al. (1993) for a critical review and additional references. In one case, a shadow passes across one mark a day for the 12 days preceding the fall equinox (or following the spring equinox) (McGlone, Leonard, and Barker 1999, Pl. 3, Figs. 63-64). Unfortunately, a number of these sites have been given names that incorporate built-in interpretations, which are unacceptable to most American archeologists. Examples are Sun Temple (for an area containing no constructions) and Anubis Cave (for a rock shelter with a canine figure illuminated briefly at the equinox sunset).

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