Different in different areas

Development of farming (corn, beans, squash, cotton);first pottery Towns, monuments, major architecture;water control, dams Writing?;bark beating Development of urbanism

Invention of full Mesoamerican calendar

Tropical year studies;zenith passages;alignments Emphasis on Venus and eclipses

(Classic Maya) Tables of mean planetary motion

Chichen Itza a.d.

(The length of the interval from to 1240 a.d. constitutes the correlation problem) Mixtec

1240 Mayapan

1428 Aztec

1519 Spanish conquests view that the correct correlation of the Mayan calendar with ours is unknown at present has been a factor in his acceptance of astronomical data incompatible with the widely accepted Thompson correlation. New historical evidence supports the Wells-Fuls correlation (see ยง12.3).

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