Halaf Ubaid Uruk

Jemdet Nasr Early Dynastic

Old Sumerian


Middle Assyrian Neo-Assyrian Late Babylonian

Late Assyrian Neo-Babylonian

Earliest irrigation canals

1st cities

Old Babylonian

Middle Babylonian

Akkad Assyria

Sharrukin (Sargon), king o 1. Tudiya, king (end of Akkad, ~2050 b.c.)

Gudea, king Lagash o Utu-hegal conqs. Gutiansb King of Ur murderedb Ibbi-Sin conqueredb


Naplanum (1961 B.c.)b

Bel-Ibni repl. Irra-imitti (1798 B.c.)b Hammurabi (1728 b.c.) o 39. Shamshi-Adad o d. in yr 33 (1718?)

Ammisaduqa (1582 B.c.)b

(end of Babylon I, 1531 b.c.) 10. Burra-Burlash I, 61. Puzur-Ashur III (Kassite) 63. Nur-ili;65. Ashur-rabi

68. Ashur-nerari 73. Ashur-uballit Kassite 19. Burra-Buriash (end of Kassite kings)

Babylon conquers Assyria (608 b.c.) Persia conquers Babylon (539 b.c.)

Fara Tablets

Ebla Archives

Sumerian King list completed Egypt. Dyn. XII (1991 b.c.)

Gilgamesh Epic written Mari archives (Zimri-Lim)b

Venus tablets

Ugarit archives Amarna archives (Egypt) Enuma Anu Enlil compiled;

Fixed stars text Astrolabes Culmination stars limmu, solar eclipse 763 b.c. Mul-Apin compiled Assyrian king list completed Great library of Esarhaddon

Egypt. King Neferhotep

Hyksos in Egypt

Thera eruption (1644 b.c.)

Egypt. Thutmose III, 1462-5 B.c.a

Rujm el Hiri

Egypt. Ikhnaten

1321 B.C., begin. Sothic Cycle

110. Sharrukin (Sargon) III builds Khorsabad 112. Ashur-akha-iddina (Esarhaddon)

conquers Egypt 671 B.C. Persia conquers Israel (546 B.C.) Persia conquers Egypt (525 B.C.) Building of Persepolis tc <a Cl.

r a Sothic dates. b Lunar eclipses.

the early 2nd millennium onward. A full bronze technology was in regular use for tools and weapons, as well as for ornaments. A variety of social and professional distinctions had become normal, with hereditary rulers and nobles, full-time government officials, standing armies, and many kinds of professional craftsmen, such as potters, weavers, metallurgists, scribes, priests, and boatmen. The lowest echelons consisted of free laborers and slaves.

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