"Aahc Kan" (Glyph like God N, Pawatun, cf. Az. Tecciztecatl a suggested lunar eclipse god) Death

Pacal I

(Interval from 19 helps define Venus-solar conjunctions near eclipses) Death

"Aahc Kan" Birth

Two Death "Great Eclipse" Chan Bahlum (9 Wind, primary Mercury name, is 59 days after 2 Death) (2 x 58 = 116) Death

Bahlum Mo'o (Jaguar Macaw)


Eleven Flower Yax T'ul (Great Rabbit) or "Kan Xul II")

Dedication ceremony

18 Muan

(Note that Venus was near conjunction with the sun at both ends of the 11960 day period and that 3 other eclipse dates are near conjunctions of Venus and the sun)

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