17813. 1 Ahau 13 Muan

781. 12 Lamat 11 Zip

1561. 12 Lamat 1 Xul

Seven Death

Vucub Came, Lord of Death

Uo = Ue Miccailhuitl Knotted Great Feast of the Jaguar Dead (death of

God M. Yacatecuhtli) Black God

(heliacal rising) 298. 10 Chicchan 18 Muan

583.92166 583. 9 0c 18 Zac

(superior conjunction) 2335.68664 (4) (superior conjunction) (shifts to approximate inferior conjunction 52 years later) 1167.84332 (2) -1168. 1 Ahau 13 Muan (superior conjunction)

Five Flower

Macuilxochitl, Name of Xolotl god God of games of ball-game means and the ballgame "slave," dog-headed (Base of 104-year solar cycle in which the 18 Muan dates will shift from heliacal rising to inferior conjunction, marked in Madrid as haab-cuc, "cycle of years") Nine Dog Chantico

Fire goddess, changed into a dog Nine Snake, one of the 5 major bases of the Borgia Venus table Xolotl

One Flower

Hun Ahau, Lord of Underworld 1 Ahau, repetitious base of Dresden

Venus table One Flower

Centeotl, corn god, Hunahpu

(Twelve Rabbit) Cf. Sky peccary with 12 Zip = Ochpaniztli

Lamat, Dresden p. 68a, cf. 12 Lamat dates at Mars intervals in Dresden

Repetition close to a node passage, which would be followed by a solar eclipse at 4 Ben and preceded by a lunar eclipse on 2 Etz'nab (Flint Knife) (10 days earlier). Every alternate repetition of the Mars cycle will show a similar pattern for a very long interval. It is also close to 13-Mercury cycles. This may explain why Huitzilopochtli decapitates his sister the Moon and is a son of Tlaloc.

patron the sky peccary of Dresden 780-day table —"Mars beast" of Willson mock battles of warriors cf. Huitzilpochtli Aztec war god, as youngest born of gods

12.6. Calendar Names of Gods and Planetary Identities

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