General Guidance on Accessories

Like many telescopes, accessories can be manufactured and retailed under different brand names in different countries. Many manufacturers produce low-end Plossl eyepieces and most will probably perform in a similar manner to my Skywatcher ones. Long eye relief (LER) eyepieces are a recent innovation and they come into their own when used for photography. Both these eyepiece types have an apparent field of view of about 50°. Moonfish Group SWA eyepieces have larger apparent fields of view (about 70°) and are good for all round use (visual and photographic). Chromatic aberration is not a problem for hydrogen alpha viewing, as it might be for nighttime or solar "white light" viewing, so eyepieces that you may have consigned to the bottom of your accessory bag or the attic might just throw up some pleasant surprises when used with the PST. A good example of this is the Skywatcher "zoom" eyepiece, which is prone to chromatic aberration for normal viewing.

Anything that may have come supplied with a nighttime telescope should be tried with the PST, just to see what happens. The focusing range is a limitation, so not all Barlow lenses will work.

I would look for a magnification range of about 20-100x to allow easy centering of the Sun in the field of view and close-ups of prominences and other features.

One word of warning is that personal preference is important here. I am not sensitive to internal reflections that drive other astronomers bananas! The moral of the story is to try things out yourself at a star party or other event.

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