Max Scope

The MaxScope 60 is like the MaxScope 40 (see Figure 4.17) but it is bigger! Whilst apparently stating the obvious, this has certain implications, which are as follows:

• Because the overall design is the same, most statements that are true about the MaxScope 40 are also true about the MaxScope 60.

• As it is bigger, it will gather more light (2.25 times as much), so it will produce more detail of the prominences and of the surface and is also more expensive and twice as heavy. It will also support a higher magnification range.

The MaxScope 60 does not come equipped with the Sol Ranger but a 25-mm CEMAX eyepiece is supplied.

The MaxScope 60 is one of the few Coronado telescopes to have a direct external competitor, the SolarScope SolarView 60, which retailed at £3795.00 at the time of writing, which was significantly more expensive than the MaxScope 60. Furthermore, the SolarView 60 comes supplied with neither a star diagonal nor any eyepiece. The bandpass of 0.7 A is the same as the MaxScope 60.

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