Recommended Accessories

Since the MaxScope 90 comes with CEMAX type eyepieces, clamshell ring, Sol Ranger finder, and T-Max the only other accessories you will need are the tripod, camera, and cleaning supplies to get started. There are several third party accessories that can be purchased to further enhance the view, like binoviewers and special eyepieces. Personally, I own several different styles of eyepieces and Barlow lenses that I like to experiment with from time to time. I found hydrogen alpha monochromatic light very forgiving and a lens set that is not so good for white light viewing due to color separation works good with hydrogen alpha. Some of the cheaper accessories and Barlow lenses really excel with monochromatic light. I have found that the Antares brand 2x Barlow lens with the screw-off front lens actually provides a small brightness boost when imaging compared to my CEMAX 2x Barlow lens, Celestron Ultima, and Televue 2.5x Barlow lens.

It does not fare as well for tricolor images because of color separation but with monochromatic light it works very well. I also keep a supply of Knight Owl eyepieces on hand to experiment with. These eyepieces are very low priced but have a very nice quality. They are multicoated and also have the barrel-locking channel like the CEMAX eyepieces and more expensive brands.

Good house keeping is always important. To keep the telescope in tiptop shape I used a hog hairbrush to detail the outside surface of the telescope and a can of compressed air to clean the filter surfaces. Prior to blowing the filter surfaces it is important to start the flow of air to clear any particles from the direction tube. The case also should not be neglected. It is important to blow this out prior to putting the telescope back in to keep contamination from building up. If you want to use a liquid cleaner make sure it is safe for coated surfaces. Some solvent-based cleaners may damage the filter or coating on an eyepiece. If it only has slight dust on it, it is best not to clean it at all. A little dust will not affect the viewing. On an average, I find that I have to clean the telescope and eyepieces about once in every 3 months. The case is cleaned during every viewing session.

Telescope cleaning kits are also available commercially. See the "Recommended Accessories" section of Chapter 2 for suggestions.

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