Skywatcher Long Eye Relief Eyepieces

These came supplied with my Skywatcher 127-mm Maksutov. It was at a star party that I decided that they did not get the best out of a very good telescope. After buying some Skywatcher Plossls (see below), they were consigned to the accessory case, never to see the light of the day again. That was until a chance observation. Before I bought the Plossls, I was able to photograph sunspots but was not afterwards. I soon realized that these eyepieces did have a use, for simple photography using a digital camera. The 50° field of view is not exactly excellent, especially compared to the Moonfish Group eyepieces, but it is good for whole solar disc shots. The table below shows how the eyepieces perform with the PST.

Field of view in

Focal Length (mm)









Since I bought the Moonfish Group eyepieces, only the 10-mm eyepiece was used, often in conjunction with the Magni Max (Figure 2.47). I would not recommend

the purchase of these eyepieces specifically for use with the PST; the 10-mm Moonfish SWA is of better quality, with a wider field of view.

Furthermore, the CEMAX 12-mm eyepiece is a better all-round eyepiece and gives reasonable photographic results.

Overall, although these eyepieces match the Moonfish Group ones for photographic use, they are nowhere near as good for visual use and do not have the same field of view.

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