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"Guide to Minor Body Astrometry," Internet article at http://cfa-www.har-vard.edu/iau/info/astrometry.html. Description of how to carry out measurements and report observations of asteroids: "This guide is intended for those observers interested in undertaking an astrometric CCD-observing program of minor planets and/or comets."

Everhart, Edgar. "Constructing a Measuring Engine." Sky and Telescope (September 1982): 279. Describes building a two-axis precision engine for measuring positions from photographs; great insight into state of the art of amateur astrometry before CCDs.

Konig, A. "Astrometry with Astrographs." In Astronomical Techniques. Ed. W.A. Hiltner. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962. Quite possibly the clearest exposition of astrometry available; appears in a short chapter of an impeccable source book on astronomy.

Marché, Jordan D., II. "Measuring Positions on a Photograph." Sky and Telescope (July 1990): 71. Instructions for doing astrometry from photographic prints; includes program in line-numbered Basic for reducing (x, y) data using the plate-constants method.

Marsden, Brian. "How to Reduce Plate Measurements." Sky and Telescope (September 1982): 284. A one-page article outlining the equations necessary to solve for plate constants and positions.

Montenbruck, Oliver, and Thomas Pfleger. "Astrometry." In Astronomy on the Personal Computer. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1991. An exceptionally clear exposition of astrometry with an accompanying program in Pascal for performing astrometric reductions.

Podobed, V.V. Fundamental Astrometry. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964. Despite hideous typesetting and muddy photographs, this is an excellent book for would-be astrometrists. It covers all aspects of the field (circa 1960) including meridian circle work and the photographic zenith tube.

Taff, Laurence G. Computational Spherical Astronomy. New York: Wiley-In-terscience, 1981. This work addresses techniques for astrometry on rapidly moving objects and images captured on multiple plates— fast-moving asteroids and comets.

Van de Kamp, Peter. Principles of Astrometry. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman, 1967. Written by one of the foremost astrometrists, this classic work focuses on astrometry with long-focus refractors. The methods described are readily applicable to modern CCD astrometry.

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