B33 Astrometry Reference Catalogs

Bonanno, Emil. Megastar. Richmond, VA: Willmann-Bell, Inc., 1995. This software package includes the 15-million-star Hubble Guide Star Catalog on a CD-ROM.

UCAC. USNO CCD Astrometric Catalog. Catalog of some 60 million reference stars from 10th to 16th magnitude, based on CCD images made with a specially designed astrometric telescope. Precision of 0.020 arcseconds r.m.s. from 10th to 14th magnitude, 0.070 arcseconds r.m.s. at the limit of 16th magnitude. For current availability, see ht-tp://www.nofs.navy.mil.

USNO-A2.0 / USNO-SA2.0. Catalog of 526 million reference stars using Hip-parchos-aided solutions to the original scans of POSS plates. Data for selected regions downloadable from the Internet. S A2.0: Selected catalog of 54 million stars on CD-ROM; for current availability, see http://www.nofs.navy.mil.

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