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Budding, Edwin. An Introduction to Astronomical Photometry. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993. A general introduction to photoelectric photometry intended for graduate students and advanced amateur astronomers. Includes useful discussions on the photometry of extended objects and reduction of variable-star light curves.

Ghedini, Silvano. Software for Phometric Astronomy. Richmond, VA: Willmann-Bell, Inc., 1982. Once you have extracted photometric data from your images, you need to reduce the data. Although Ghedini presents his algorithms in line-numbered Basic, he provides enough theory to permit recoding reductions in Excel. Includes everything from time-of-minimum algorithms to Fourier transform period analysis.

Hardie, Robert A. "Photoelectric Reductions." In Astronomical Techniques, Ed. W.A. Hiltner. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962. A fundamental reference that should be familiar to anyone contemplating serious photometric observation. As a fascinating footnote in the history of astronomy, the chapter following this one describes machine language programming photoelectric reductions on the IBM 650 Drum Data Processing Machine.

Hall, Douglas S., and Russell M. Genet. Photoelectric Photometry of Variable

Stars. Richmond, VA: Willmann-Bell, Inc., 1988. An excellent addition to the literature of photometry for amateur astronomers; particularly useful for tips on observing methods.

Henden, Arne A., and Ronald H. Kaitchuck. Astronomical Photometry. Richmond, VA: Willmann-Bell, Inc., 1990. Written for amateur astronomers engaged in photoelectric photometry, this book gives lucid explanations and examples of data taking and reduction. Includes indispensable tables of UBV standard stars.

Sterken, C., and C. Jascheck. Light Curves of Variable Stars: a Pictorial Atlas.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. This comprehensive volume is a must for any amateur astronomer seriously interested in variable stars, providing some 200 light curves and a detailed list of references.

Wood, Frank B., ed. Photoelectric Photometry for Amateurs. New York: Mac-millan, 1963. A classic in the field; inspiration to technically minded amateurs in the 60s and 70s. Well worth reading for historical perspective.

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