B51 Spectroscopy Books and Articles

Hafner, Reinhold. "Fundamentals of Spectral Analysis." In Compendium of Practical Astronomy. Vol. 1. Ed. GunterRoth. Berlin: Springer-Ver-

lag, 1989. This 30-page chapter is a fine mid-level introduction to astronomical spectroscopy and instrumentation.

Jaschek, Carlos, and Mercedes Jaschek. The Classification of Stars. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990. This book is devoted to classifying stars from their spectra. After a general introduction, each principal stellar type is covered in a chapter of its own. For the would-be classifier, the spectrum profiles are invaluable.

Kaler, James B. Stars and Their Spectra. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. This book-length discussion of stellar spectra is aimed at amateur astronomers and students of astronomy. By placing each stellar type in the overall perspective of the HR diagram, Kaler serves his readers well. Although it is fairly technical by the standards of amateur astronomy, the book is well illustrated and quite readable.

Kitchen, C.R. Astrophysical Techniques. Bristol: Adam Hilger, 1984. The chapter on spectroscopy deals primarily with spectroscopes and spectroscopic instrumentation.

Sorenson, Brent. "An Objective Prism Spectrograph." Sky & Telescope. (May 1983): 460. Describes a simple photographic objective prism spectrograph using a war-surplus 45° prism.

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