B52 Spectroscopic Catalogs

Jacoby, George H., and Deidre Hunter. "A Library of Stellar Spectra," ApJ Supplement Series 56 (October 1984): 257-281. Spectra for 161 stars of all spectral types and luminosity classes. Each spectrum extends from 351 to 743 nm wavelength and is radiometrically calibrated. These data are available from the AURA/NO AO web site.

Kaler, James B. "A Catalog of Relative Emission Line Intensities Observed in Planetary and Diffuse Nebulae." ApJ Supplement Series 31 (August 1976): 517-688. This catalog is a compilation of spectral line strengths for 600 nebulae. These data give considerable insight into the true colors of the nebulae for anyone willing to synthesize color coordinates from spectral data.

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