B66 Image Processing Algorithms

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Kabir, Ihtisham. High Performance Computer Imaging. Greenwich, CT: Manning, 1996. Covers all basic topics in image processing from the standpoint of a programmer looking for efficient ways to code them.

Especially good coverage of color spaces.

Klette, Richard, and Piero Zamoeroni. Handbook of Image Processing Operators. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, 1996. Describes dozens of operators, with algorithms and sample code in Pascal. Well worth reading for the practical programmer.

Pavlidis, Theo. Algorithms for Graphics and Image Processing. Rockville MD: Computer Science Press, 1982. A fascinating look at image processing from a pioneer in the field; includes instruction for printing gray scale images by multiple character strikes on a line printer! Solid material despite its age.

Schwaderer, W. David. Digital Imaging in C and the World Wide Web. Wordware Publishing, 1998. Covers a broad range of basic image processing, with a good section on color models. Includes a chapter on the social issues raised by altering digital images. CD-ROM includes C source code.

Stephens, Rod. Visual Basic Graphics Programming. New York: Wiley Computer Publishing, 1997. The key to processing and displaying images using Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language, especially for limited computer graphics cards with 256-color palette capabilities. CD-ROM includes source code.

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