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AIP4Win 2.0. By James Burnell and Richard Berry. Windows/PC-based. Your copy of AIP4Win 2.0 is included on the CD-ROM bound into this book. AIP4Win 2.0 is a versatile and powerful package of software tools for calibrating, analyzing, enhancing, compositing, and saving monochromatic and color images from CCD cameras, scanned astrophotography, and the Internet. Updates available to registered users. Info: http://www.willbell.eom/a/p4iv/n/aip.htm.

Astroart. By Marino Nicolini. Windows/PC-compatible processor required; features a wide range of image-acquisition plug-ins. Info: http:// www.sira.it/msb/astroart.html.

CCDSoft. By Software Bisque (Tom and Steve Bisque). Windows/PC-based, commercial. "CCDSoft is an astronomical image processing and CCD image acquisition program that supports the full line of SBIG CCD camera and Apogee Instruments cameras. Written and tested by experienced astronomers, CCDSoft combines power with ease of use. By using CCDSoft in conjunction with TheSky, you can control both computer-driven telescopes and CCD cameras from your computer, creating an unmatched system for astronomical observations." Info: http://www.bisque.com.

Computer Aided Astronomy (CCDAst). By John Rogers. Windows/PC-

based, commercial. Performs astrometry on CCD images. Info: http:/ /ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/johnerogers/.

CCD Image Processing. By Frank Jan Sorenson. Windows/PC-based shareware, Cookbook oriented. Info: http.V/home4.inet.tele.dk/frank.s/ ccdprog.html.

EZPhot. By Jerry B. Gunn. Photometry software. Info: http://www.mt-co.com/~jgunn.

Hartmann-Mask Analysis Software. By Santa Barbara Instrument Group. Windows/PC-based, commercial. Info: http://www.sbig.com/sbwht-mls/hartmann.html.

Image Scientist. By Mike Gutzwiller. Windows/PC-based, commercial. Originally named Deep Sky. Written to analyze data coming from automated CCD cameras. "Look at, process, or build any image size." Many processing/enhancement features. Info: http://www.image-scientist.com.

Images Plus. By Mike Unsold. Windows-based general-purpose image processing software, featuring support for digital SLR cameras. 4193 Tallmadge Road, Rootstown, OH 44272 (330) 325-0765 www.mlunsold.com.

IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility). By the IRAF Working Group. Unix-based, open source, public domain. IRAF is the package that professional astronomers use for processing their images. Definitely a high-end program, with an infamous user interface. Info: http ://iraf. noao. edu/iraf-homepage. html.

IRIS-Prism. By Christian Buil. Windows/PC-based, freeware. This interesting hybrid features a command-line/script driven interface embedded in a GUI software environment. Many powerful and specialized commands and a well done on-line user manual. Info: http://www.as-trosurf. org/buil/iris/iris .html.

Maxim DL. By Cyanogen Productions, Inc. Windows/PC-based, commercial. "Maxim DL includes a variety of image processing and image enhancement tools including flexible kernel and FFT filtering, unsharp masking, nonlinear and histogram-based stretching, and color processing." Demo version available as a free download. Info: http:/ /www.cyanogen.com.

Megafix. By Bruce Johnson Computing. Protected-mode-DOS/PC-based, commercial. Supports 8-bit and 16-bit CCD cameras, 480 x 640 and 800 x 600 256-color VESA modes, with access to high memory. Info: http://members.aol.com/BJohns7764/BJGfix.html.

MIRA. By Axiom Research (Mike Newberry). DOS and Windows versions/ PC-based, commercial. "Astronomical image processing software for the Intel platform." Oriented toward sophisticated scientific im age analysis. "MIRA offers such features as curve of growth aperture photometry using circular or elliptical apertures, elliptical isophote flitting and isophotal photometry, image animation, automatic computation of the translational and rotational transforms for image registration, convolution with linear and nonlinear operators," and much more. Info: http://www.axres.com/.

NIH Image. By the National Institutes for Health (Wayne Rasbud). "NIH Image is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh." An excellent program for scientific image processing (and free, too!) Info:

Pises Atlas Prism 98. By F. Colas. Windows/PC-based, commercial. Combines image pre-processing and processing module, a sky-map module, a reference file of images taken at the Pises Observatory, and image acquisition software for SBIG and HiSys CCD cameras. Shareware version available on floppy disk. Info: http://pages.prac-tique.fr/~ccavador/Features.html.

Quantum Image. By Christer Strandh. Windows/PC-based. Quantum Image is "a single multi-faceted image processing program, but one which will in the future be divided into a lighter version and a more fully developed professional version." Limited demonstration version available for download. Info: http://www.quantumimage.com.

WinMiPS. By Christian Buil and E. Thouvenot. Windows/PC-based, commercial. "WinMiPS is open and evolutionary. It is a platform up to answering quickly the observer's specific needs; its concept goes far beyond. The current version owns instruments for automatic pre-treatment, photometric analysis, Gaussian and Moffat synthesis, and also astrometry." Info: http://www.bdl.fr/52P/pises.html.

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