B71 Color Imaging Books

Committee on Colorimetry. The Science of Color. The Optical Society of America, 1963. Compiled by color experts from science and industry, this volume remains among the most comprehensible expositions on colorimetry available.

Fairchild, Mark D. Color Appearance Models. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1998. This book deals with measuring color as humans see it, including discussion of viewing conditions, chromatic adaptation, and color appearance modeling. An excellent source for amateurs seriously interested in accurate color rendition.

Hunt, R.W.G. The Reproduction of Colour in Photography, Printing, and Television. 4th ed. Tolworth, England: Fountain Press, 1987. This volume is the most comprehensive discussion of color we have found. The sections on television are relevant to producing color on computer systems. It covers everything from color fundamentals to the matrix algebra needed to transform color between different color spaces.

Giorgianni, Edward J., and Thomas E. Madden. Digital Color Management, Encoding Solutions. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1997. For anyone interested in reproducing digital color on computers, this is the book. The authors, with the blessing of Eastman Kodak, describe color capture, color encoding, and color display for the digital age, from scanned film to output on color monitors. Detailed technical appendices cover topics from colorimetry to transforms between color spaces.

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