Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgments

Once again we acknowledge the many contributors whom we have not mentioned individually. Shortly after the first edition went on sale, an independent Yahoo group sprang up to discuss AIP4Win under the leadership of Greg Crawford. Although we do not own or control it, aip4win has nonetheless served as a rich source of ideas and inspiration to us. We wish to thank the members of that listserver for thousands of intriguing questions and stimulating discussions.

However, your direct line to A!P4Win with ideas and suggestions is through our publisher, Willmann-Bell. Send your email comments, suggestions, bug-reports, and requests to us at [email protected] A message to this address is automatically distributed to Richard, Jim, and publisher Perry Remaklus.

To our beta testers we owe another big "thank you." Beta testing software can be a thankless task, yet our team persisted through mysterious and frustrating crashes, tools that did not work, and more mysterious crashes. Beta testing is an important part of software creation because source code that functions perfectly with standard test images and the right input values will run amok when a beta tester plugs in a wild value or tries to process an image containing zeros and negative numbers. We learn from that, and build better software. It falls to the beta tester to give us the unwelcome news that "the old tool was better," or "clicking 'New Image' made a copy of my old image!" When you look under the hood, software is a complex machine composed of bits and bytes instead of gears and pulleys—and the beta testers tell us when that machine is running smooth and purring like a big contented cat.

Finally, we thank our past and future readers. Your comments and suggestions have been and continue to be important to us. As we said in the preface to the first edition, "no lengthy book, and no large program, can ever be entirely free of errors." As time passed, however, we found some typos but gratifyingly few significant errors, and, with each subsequent printing of the book, we have corrected all known errors. We do welcome your feedback and comments, your suggestions and ideas (email: [email protected]) for the next edition of the Handbook and AIP4Win.

Richard Berry James Burnell

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