Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Immortal For A While

The idea of immortality, I've noticed, is troubling. People are quick to reject the notion. A group of academics at a philosophy of astrobiol-ogy discussion group at the University of Colorado once gave me a hard time about this. The topic was SETI. When I argued that we should consider a definition of intelligence qualitatively different from our own one that might indeed be immortal they practically shouted me To me, it seems inevitable that in our vast universe at least a tiny fraction of species will escape self-destruction, attain great understanding of nature, and learn how to avoid natural disasters. The combination will make them immortal. When we reflexively dismiss immortality as a pipe dream, we are being unduly influenced by our limited experience, and the narrow species-level picture of evolution we were taught in high school. It's true that species come and go. But, forget about species. On the molecular level, the immortality of Earth's DNA is a fact of our existence....

Characteristics For Those Born In March

Nevertheless, your good heart is not surpassed by any other sign of the zodiac and the advanced ones possess spiritual healing powers. Highly evolved people born in March will lead many lost souls out of the deep clouds of deception towards the true colors of love and cosmic consciousness. Your soul's purpose is to swim upstream towards the ethereal light of oneness to find God. A young March spirit is deceiving, complaining and addicted to religious dogmas, cult endeavors, chemicals, drugs, and alcohol. Pisces is a karmic sign and has within itself the potential to reach immortality, fame and fortune through artistic or spiritual work.

Searching for a Definite Beginning

The fate of the physical universe is catastrophic. . . . It is either to be crushed into its fundamental constituents, as far as possible, to make a universal black hole, or it is to be slowly absorbed by local black holes, again to be crushed out of existence as we know it. . . . At such an end, we would surely face physical death, so we could only appeal to our souls, if they exist, to preserve us. . . . It could only be if the universe bounces back again after its collapse that these separated souls have any chance of returning. . . . There is very little evidence of such a bounce being able to occur, but if it does, only then can one expect any form of immortality.45

Q21 A humanitarian concept based on space activities

The rationale for the project is derived from the following background. Humanity's preoccupation with immortality is very evident from time immemorial. The yearning to transcend our rather short life cycle has pronounced effects on the way we live and operate. For this reason among others, the history of civilizations, their life styles, cultural activities, their civil architectures and processes leading to their rise and fall, have always played a dominant role in the aspirations of great societies. While it is customary among cultures and nations to preserve their history through books, documents, oral tradition, and other media including time capsules, so cultural upheavals and weathering by the elements and other environmental circumstances continue to erase hard-earned collective knowledge and experience in short order.

Welcome To The Machine

Many futurologists have predicted that we will evolve into machine-human hybrids with our consciousness intact or even enhanced. Some feel that this transition might come within the next century. Variations on this theme range from Bill Joy-type doomsday scenarios to utopian visions of uploading our memories and thoughts into an immortal, pain-free machine state and building for ourselves any bodies we choose. The biological stage may be a mere precursor to what technologist Ray Kurzweil calls the age of spiritual machines. tient organisms who have evolved radio dishes for sensory and communicative organs and computers for memories and minds, as we ourselves may now be doing. Even if we meet the aliens in person, will we be able to tell if they are machine or organism Will we be able to differentiate individuals from tightly knit, machine-enabled communities These puzzles give us reason to question our cozy categories. Notice that when I've written about the immortals, I haven't said...

The Names and Lore of Spica

Spica and Arcturus are paired in another memorable imagining, this one in ancient China. According to Gertrude and James Jobes, the two bright stars were the Horns of the Dragon and spring was calculated from the time that the Full Moon appeared between these horns. With warmth of feeling, a great display ofjoy, write the Jobeses, the people, who used the skies as a calendar, watched the winter draw to a close when the Moon 'rode the Dragon's Horns.' Furthermore, they say, This association with spring may have been the reason Show Sing, god of long life, may have chosen Spica for his home. This venerable and wise old man rode about on a stag accompanied by a bat, symbol of happiness and longevity. Show Sing, smiling and kindly, always carried peaches, the fruit of immortality.

The Three Masks of our Milky Way Galaxy

One of our most important diagnostics in trying to understand spiral galaxies is to measure how the stars actually move. For example, most of the stars in the disk of a spiral galaxy move in almost circular orbits around the galaxy center. The implication is that the gas from which those stars have formed, has already settled into the disk before most of the formation of stars takes place. Yet implicitly intertwined is a story forever masked forever lost it is the story of what happens during the settling process itself. What does the birthing process of spiral galaxies actually reveal After all, a galaxy becomes quite different from what it was before. Has it not changed from a rather chaotic system into a well-ordered disk We are reminded of the vibrant youth of the boy in William Wordsworth's Ode Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood (V)

A historical interlude Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier 17681830

Fourier had intended to take the tradition route into the army after finishing his studies but his application was refused because of his low social status. In 1787, he entered the Benedictine Abbey at St Benoit sur Loire, but left after two years to embark on a career in mathematics. He returned to Auxerre, becoming a teacher at the school where he had been a student. His intention to make significant contributions to mathematics may be seen in this extract from a letter written to Bonard, a professor of mathematics in Auxerre 'Yesterday was my 21st birthday at that age Newton and Pascal had already acquired many claims to immortality.'


According to Australian aboriginal mythology, Alinda is the man in the moon. He drowned his two sons after they returned from fishing and lied that they had caught nothing. His two wives then burned him to death. Alinda proclaimed that although death would henceforth be the fate of everyone else, except for three days each month he would live forever. (From John Gunther's Inside Australia, Harper & Row, New York, 1971, p. 81). R. Bremer in an alternative explanation suggested that Alinda is a name of an ancient city and recent archaeological site in Asia Minor in the province of ancient Caria. (B. G. Marsden) Name proposed by H. Kobold (AN 250, 145 (1933)).

Orbital Explorer

William Pickering handed the task of designing Explorer 1's scientific instruments to James Van Allen (1914-2006), a scientist who had been investigating the upper atmosphere and near-Earth space since the 1940s. He had been involved in launching particle detectors and other instruments on V-2 and Bumper rockets from White Sands and was one of the strongest advocates of the project to launch a satellite during the IGY. The reward for his work was scientific immortality - Explorer 1 discovered the presence of radiation belts beyond the Earth's atmosphere, today known as the Van Allen Belts.

Coffin Lids

Unlike those of Babylonia, the astronomical records of ancient Egypt, if they once existed, have generally not survived. It is possible that they were recorded on papyrus rather than on clay tablets, as was the Babylonian case. So-called pyramid texts, found inside tombs and coffins dating back as far as Old Kingdom times (c. 2600-2100 b.c.e.), and the younger coffin texts of the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom, do list various celestial bodies that represent deities, but they are in no way records of observations their primary concern is with the passage of the soul to eternal life. The architecture of temples and pyramids in Old Kingdom times gives us some insights into how astronomical considerations affected

Heading home

Cernan flicked a yellow ignition switch and the ascent engine fired. While his last words on leaving the last footprints on the Moon the previous day may have been profound and inspirational, the last words spoken by Cernan as Challenger lifted of were hardly likely to be engraved on any plaques ''Okay, now let's get off.'' Something of a modern-day myth has evolved which suggests that Cernan's last words on the lunar surface were actually the more profane 'Let's get this mother out of here ' However, while this fanciful misinterpretation has never been supported by the actual voice transmission tapes and subsequent transcripts, it sadly seems destined for immortality in space quotes and trivia books. In fact, the very last human words spoken from the surface of the Moon were Jack Schmitt's, as he counted down. ''Three two one ignition ''


Heracles, son of Zeus and the Theban princess Alcmena see planets (5731) and (82) , united the finest qualities of mind and heart, according to the traditions of the heroic age. His perseverance, crowned with victories, showed the triumph of the divine part of man's nature over the earthly. Through his fabled twelve labors, he achieved immortality and took his seat among the gods. (M 20523)


Centuries was a greater sense of individual responsibility. The continuation of the tribe or community with its fixed positions and role expectations was no longer primary, but rather the focus was on the individual and what he or she could become. Besides, the social and cosmic order is no longer affirmed. Instead, our current earthly existence is felt lacking. In the religious myths our lives are confronted with something different, something better. In Hinduism this is redemption out of the cycles of earthly existence, in Buddhism it is Nirvana and Enlightenment. Among Jews the expectation of a Kingdom of God develops in Christianity this longing returns also with a more individual focus as expectations about redemption and eternal life.

Mind Soul Psyche

Two Modern Myths - On Being Alive - The yu f as a Whole Complexity and Unity - Downward Causation - Faculties of Plant and Animal Souls - The Soul of Man - Affections - The Mind as Intellect - Mind as Free Will - Mind as Self-Consciousness -The Mind-Body Problem - What Do We Mean by Spirit - About Immortality

Pyramids of Giza

Why this careful alignment The broader Old Kingdom practice of cardinal orientation of tombs and temples almost certainly had to do with preserving the perceived cosmic order. Thus the northerly direction, where the imperishable (circumpolar) stars resided, was the resting place of the immortal. The westerly part of the horizon, where the sun set each night, was the entrance to the Duat, the otherworld, which had to be traversed on the path to immortality. But why was it important to be so accurate Here we are reduced to speculation. Perhaps the north celestial pole, the one fixed place in the heavens, was seen as the very resting place of the immortal soul, and the successful path of the pharaoh's soul to immortality could be ensured only if the pyramid faced this spot exactly.


''Among the headlines about Apollo this morning,'' Evans continued, ''there is one asking that you watch for a lovely girl with a big rabbit. An ancient legend says a beautiful Chinese girl called Chang-o has been living there for 4,000 years. It seems she was banished to the Moon because she stole the pill of immortality from her husband. You might also look for her companion, a large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he is always standing on his hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree the name of the rabbit is not reported.''


In mythology, Castor and Pollux were the twin sons of the King and Queen of Sparta. Pollux was immortal, but Castor was not. When Castor was killed, Pollux pleaded with the gods to be allowed to share his immortality so Castor was brought back to life, and both youths placed in the sky.

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