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Two fundamental realities will drive space exploration forward. First, wealth is accumulating in the hands of ambitious and visionary individuals, many of whom view space simultaneously as an adventure and a place to make money. What was once affordable only to nations can now be funded by individuals.

Second, corporations and investors are realizig the resources of Earth are limited, and are running out. But everything we hold of value on Earth—metals, minerals, energy and real estate—is in near-infinite supply in space. As space operations become more affordable, companies will set their sights on extraterrestrial resources, and what was once thought of as a vast wasteland, will become the next "gold rush'' ... The next 50 years will be when we establish ourselves as a space-faring civilization.

Source: Peter Diamandis, M.D., chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, and co-founder of the International Space University, "The Next Space Race,'' The World in 2008, The Economist, 2007, p. 153.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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