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Archaeological Anthropological and Historical Contexts

In Europe, a somewhat similar tradition is assigned to the megalithic cultures. Here, the consistency of some alignments created by placing large stones in lines or circles or making tomb chambers is considerable. Few scholars dispute alignments on the solstices and equinoxes, but competent scholars disagree on the extent to which lunar and stellar alignments are deliberately incorporated into these structures. The distribution of monuments of the megalithic culture seems to be suggestive of sea-farers, but this is far from certain. One of the earliest structures anywhere in the world that shows a solstitial alignment is the Brugh-na-boinne ( Newgrange) in Ireland. This site is alleged in Irish mythology of a much later time to be the burial place of Aongus mac nOg ( Aongus, the ever young), usually identified as a sun god. Many later cultures identify the winter solstice as the point of the annual death and rebirth of the Sun. A shaft of sunlight penetrates into the inner chamber of...

Variations over the Solar Activity Cycle

One major manifestation of the solar activity cycle is certainly the dramatic shrinking, disappearing, and rebirth of the polar coronal holes from one minimum to the next. The changes in shape of coronal holes are always caused by the birth and emergence of new bipolar magnetic regions which then interact with the preexisting fields. In particular, the emergence of new magnetic flux with rising activity at high latitudes shrinks the polar holes and simultaneously leads to the formation of isolated near-equatorial holes. The total area of coronal holes is lowest around activity maximum. The total amount of magnetic flux on the Sun is increased by a factor of 3 (Howard and Labonte, 1981), but the interplanetary magnetic filed is increased only by 40 or less (Slavin et al., 1984). This means that the percentage of solar magnetic flux leaking out into the heliosphere is much less. Further a significant fraction of the Sun's fluxes (both magnetic field and solar wind) must originate...

Letter from the Author

In some ways, the dramatic WTC destruction was very symbolic and represents a form of wake up call to many souls, in respect to what any and all religions are about and leads to. But the world is slow to acknowledge any facts but Uranus (the New Age the future the US technology) is relentlessly battling Neptune (the Age of Pisces the past all religions imagination deception etc.). Pluto (death rebirth drama terrorism) is still going through the sign of Sagittarius (codification of thoughts printed rules, books, Bible, ,Koran, foreigners) and adds more fuel to an already very hot subject matter. The negative manifestation of such a murderous celestial recipe will easily affect the uneducated manipulated religious poisoned young souls. Many will fall for the pull of the stars and will become the working force of evil fired or dismissed, allowing the universe to grant you the freedom and opportunity you needed to go in the right direction. Now, knowing it was a blessing that you've lost...

One day we will search for the markers of life beyond Earth

Astronomers believe there are many planetary systems similar to ours orbiting other stars throughout the Galaxy. The birth, life, death and rebirth of stars continues in an unending cycle in which stars, born of gas and dust, will shine for millions or billions of years, die and return as gas and dust to form new stars. The by-products of this continual process include planets and the chemical elements that make life possible.

Ancient Egyptian Calendars

Some scholars have argued that a lunar calendar had also developed independently in Lower Egypt (the Nile Delta), but that there it was regulated by observations of the sun. A myth of central importance for the Egyptians was the daily rebirth of the sun god Ra by the sky goddess Nut, who stretched from one side of the sky to the other. This legend was played out

Forecast For Those Born in August

The Dragon's Tail's location in the sign of Virgo in your 2nd house (money self esteem), will impose a total re-structure of your finances, and this may bring serious stress involving wrong investments. The Dragon will remove unworthy business or emotional partners in the process. This turmoil will induce physical and mental stress, even depression during the Waning Moons (see Moon Power publication for dates). During the New and Full moons of March and September 2007 serious happenings based upon your karma with some people will be forced upon you.

Characteristics For Those Born In November

The planet Pluto and the intense sign of Scorpio govern the month of November. You inherited a powerful will and you are attracted to the unknown the medical professions, the police force, metaphysics, politics and general investigations. You are classified as the Eagle (positive) or the Lizard (negative) in Divine Astrology. You are quite private, secretive, even mystic and like all other water signs, you excel in the study of metaphysics. Unless you are aware of your innate powers you are well advised not to sting yourself with your own dart. You carry in your soul the element of life and death, reincarnation and pure sensuality. On a negative note, your magnetic thoughts can reach anyone anywhere for good or for worse, bringing its accompanying karma

Operational HF Systems

There are several HF systems of interest, and they all depend upon the ionosphere in one way or another. While not the only examples, two types are especially noteworthy HF communication and HF Over-the-Horizon Radar (OTH-R). Both of these system types are of interest since they have undergone a modest rebirth either as the result the invocation of new technology (as in HF communication) or as the result of a change in mission (as in OTH-R).

Time and the calendar

The practice of religion and its festivals, as well as other activities such as planting crops and regulating a complex society, created a need for an accurate method of determining time. As an agricultural people, the Egyptians noted that there was a yearly rise in the Nile River, which flooded their soil and prepared it for planting. By the beginning of the 3rd Millennium bc, they were recording an association between this flooding and the first pre-dawn or heliacal appearance of the star Sirius, which they called Sothis (which occurs in our mid-July). They set up a calendar system of three seasons flooding, planting, and harvesting. Each consisted of four lunar months, which were named for important agricultural and religious festivals that occurred within the month. Unlike the ancient Mesopotamians and the Chinese, the Egyptian month began with the disappearance of the waning crescent Moon before sunrise, not with the appearance of the new crescent just after sunset. This interest...

The Earth and the Goddess

The cycles of the earth and of the sun are connected. The cycle of the sun is tied up with that of the seasons, hence the fertilization of the earth and the rebirth of plants and fruit. This probably gave rise to an earth-female sun-male connection common to many cultures which developed long before widespread agriculture was established, and thus was linked to the seasonal cycle well before the very same cycle became a calendrical reference for agriculture. This association was reversed in Egypt, where there existed a Goddess of the Sky Nut, portrayed with her body arching over the world in order to support the heavenly vault while the male divinity Geb was associated with the earth. The reason for such an inversion is most likely the fact that the fertilizing power usually associated with the rain sky was here related to the Nile earth, though it is possible that these associations date back to a time when Egypt's climate was more humid and thus quite different from that of the last...

Forecast For Those Born In December

During the New and Full Moons of March and September 2007 (see Moon Power publication for dates), serious positive or difficult happenings based upon your personal karma will take place. Again, you are strongly advised to use your will and avoid depressing thoughts. Regenerative spiritual endeavors, combined with studies, exercise and social interaction, could prove to be beneficial at those moments. Do not let the nasty pull of the Dragon's Tail affecting your career get the best of your body and mind. The positive Dragon's Head in Pisces has much to offer and will induce a variety of opportunities to improve your working life, right from your base of operation. Building and promoting a group or some kind of club from home can only prove beneficial in the long run. Within the next few months or so, the fruits of many years of hard work will begin to pay off as you may be forced to service the world on a much higher level.

Two and two makes four

Before 1964, there had been an important scientific question that remained unsolved Why had the shafts in the king's chamber been created In 1964, we had the solution they were stellar conduits oriented toward the two regions of rebirth mentioned in the Pyramid Texts. finished. Thus, I believe this issue is settled. The four shafts had been created with only one purpose in mind guiding the deceased to the rebirth regions of the sky. It is important to keep in mind that the shafts start off with a horizontal section, and so it would have been impossible to frame the celestial bodies in them these alignments, then, had a purely symbolic significance.

Moon Power The Universal

Sir Isaac Newton wrote for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action there will be an effect. This is what I call the Universal Law, the causes and effects of the yin and yang recognized as the law of karma. The Moon is by herself quite responsible for some of the world and people's fate. By tracking the Universal Law and using the Moon Power's information, you will be allowed to see this lunar impact and reaction every day of your life. Obviously, the Waxing and Waning periods of our closest satellite will produce the daily process of tides. Thus, women will have spiritual and physical manifestations (menstruation), and all of us will be responding subconsciously to the word lunatic. Without a form of opposition such as the Moon's fluctuations, there would be no reaction and thus no life possible on both the spiritual and physical planes.

Memo of the 2004 Dragons Head and Tail Predictions Date of prediction 6703

Scorpio rules death and rebirth forcing the world to experience dramatic happenings and wars. The passionate and destructive energy of the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio during those years took many young lives, while terrorist' suicide attacks will increase drastically. Well before Russia made national news about selling technology to Iraq, I wrote in 2003 Moon Power expect Russia and India (Scorpio) countries will be forced to divulge unhealthy secret projects and errors pertaining to nuclear arsenals falling into the wrong hands.

Plutos impact on Generations Past Present Future

Slowly but surely, mankind is witnessing the slow and painful suffocating end of another young generation. Hopefully, our scientists will cast the ridicule aside and a solid investigation of Divine Astrology will bring it back into the traditional educational system. Only then, the real therapeutic deeds involving Astrology will begin to heal and regenerate the psyches of all of these unquiet spirits. We, the people, in the name of knowledge, love and happiness, still have time to make the change. That's why I am working fervently to produce this work, for the children of this specific generation. For if they get the right spiritual help, and do rebirth from their own ashes, the incredible potential of this Eagle generation can uplift humanity and the world to its highest and most glorious potential.

Characteristics For Those Born In December

You inherited a quick mind from the stars and you can keep up with anyone willing to discuss knowledge and philosophy. You need to realize the importance of education and you must focus on your chosen goals. Jupiter, The Lord of Luck, will throw you many blessings in your life. With discipline and determination, you have the potential to produce interesting books, even novels. The young Sagittarius soul is too concerned with finances and must learn to give so that he may receive help from the accumulated good karma.

Forecast For Those Born In January j

During the New and Full Moons of March and September 2007, serious happenings based upon your personal karma will take place. You are strongly advised to use your will and avoid depressing thoughts when dealing with study or religion or if you are restructuring a new life in a foreign country. Challenging regenerative spiritual endeavors combined with advanced or new spiritual studies and social interaction could prove to be beneficial then. Do not let the nasty pull of the Dragon's Tail get the best of your body and mind with guilt and accept the spiritual imposed changes. The positive Dragon's Head in Pisces will induce a variety of mental exchanges and with them, the option to meet interesting people with new ideas. Within the next few months or so the fruits of many years of spiritual hard work will begin to pay off as you may be forced to face the world with a new mental attitude.


Originating in Thrace, where he was revered as a god of wine, the cult of Dionysus spread gradually through Greece. Dionysus became, in turn, the god of vegetation and warm moisture, the god of pleasure, the god of civilization, and ultimately a kind of supreme god and a symbol of rebirth or everlasting life. In some instances he appeared as a Sun deity. (M 12808 M 19347)

Observing the Moon

There was a time when the Moon played an important part in people's lives. Moonlight made activity possible outdoors after sunset. The first calendars were based on a lunation, the time taken for a complete cycle of lunar phases, from one new Moon to the next. In fact, the word 'Moon' is derived from an archaic term for measurement. Above all, it was believed that the Moon governed all those aspects of nature that involve cycles, such as plant life and fertility. Its waxing and waning both embodied and controlled growth and decay. Its return to the sky at the beginning of each lunation was seen as a resurrection, its rebirth following the death of the old Moon. Naturally enough, people went so some lengths to arrange their lives and activities to harness lunar powers.

Delta II

Like the Atlas family of space launchers, the Delta program faced cancellation in the early 1980s as the Shuttle took on more satellite launching duties. However, the Challenger disaster graphically showed that the American civilian, commercial, and military satellite industries still needed reliable, expendable launchers. With priorities for the Shuttle fleet dramatically shifted, an improved Delta filled a gap, as had previous Deltas, in providing a rocket capable of launching a wide spectrum ofmedium-mass payloads. An immediate need for post-Challenger expendable vehicles was created when NASA announced that commercial satellites would no longer be carried aboard the Shuttle. However, it was the military that facilitated the official rebirth of the Delta program. The Air Force signed a renewable contract for 20 Deltas to begin launching GPS satellites in 1989. A new and improved generation of Delta launch vehicles was introduced under the name Delta II.

EveRyday MeMoRy

It is measured) and what is remembered (what are memories about rather than pure memory as such). However, despite this early appearance of an alternate memory paradigm2, laboratory-based studies have predominated. Then in the late 1970s, Ulric Neisser, a leading and distinguished cognitive psychologist, dismissed the work on memory of the previous 100 years of research as worthless for failing to answer the important questions about memory, and called for a shift to the realistic study of memory (Neisser, 1978). His criticism focussed on many of the very things that Ebbinghaus had established, namely, context-free, laboratory studies. This criticism also saw a rebirth in interest in everyday memory. Everyday memory research has been characterised by its attempt to understand the sorts of things people do every day and by its choice of topics, having obvious relevance to daily life and in particular, by its concern with the practical applications of memory research (Klatzky, 1991, p....

The Pyramid Texts

Geographical division of the various souls, and, if there is, which soul relates to each place. There is also a solar component of rebirth the pharaoh joins Re-Atum on the sun boat'' and they cross the sky together. A winding waterway in turn crosses the sky, which can be flooded I share the view of many who are convinced that this must be the Milky Way, seen as a celestial counterpart of the Nile, although other interpretations (e.g., the ecliptic) have been proposed.

The Gates of Heaven

Although the idea of chambers yet to be discovered in the Great Pyramid is tantalizing, it may also be the case that the doors at their ends only had a symbolic significance, a concrete representation of those gates that feature so prominently in the Pyramid Texts and have to be crossed by the soul of the deceased. Indeed, the fact that both shafts were terminated shows once again that the queen's chamber fulfilled a precise function within the machine'' that was to ensure the king's rebirth. A sound interpretation of this chamber is that it is the Serdab of the tomb of Khufu, that is, the place where the rite of the opening of the mouth took place. In the Ancient Kingdom, as we saw in Chapter 4, this rite was performed on the statue of the deceased, which in this case may have been housed in the niche situated in the chamber. We learned that the rite had profound links with the stars, especially with the Bull's Foreleg constellation to which the lower north shaft points, and we are...

Satisfied Visage

I do not know whether the builders of Stonehenge were barbarians'' or if they howled.'' (When Italy won the 1982 Football World Cup, I painted my face blue and I howled. If that makes me a barbarian in the eyes of some, then so be it.) In any case, Hawkins irrefutably attracted attention to the fact that the celestial cycles held great interest for the builders of Stonehenge. The important point is that Hawkins's work, while controversial and bitterly criticized, sparked a rebirth of interest in the astronomical alignments of ancient constructions and in the concomitant astronomical knowledge the builders must necessarily have possessed, an interest that evolved into what we call today by the somewhat ungraceful at least in my view term of archaeoastronomy.

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