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How to Start a Lawn Care Business Summary

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A33 Preliminary design synthesis

Portable drilling units currently require human operation. (a) Ardco-Traverse LLC man-portable drill, mounted on a wagon behind a lawn tractor. (b) Ditch Witch JT4020 is a self-contained directional-drilling unit, which can drill a horizontal bore up to 300 m in length.

South Equatorial Belt SEB

This beautiful sketch by Sol Robbins, observing from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, using a 15.2-cm (6.0-in) refractor at 350X in excellent viewing conditions at 03 00 to 03 25 UT on February 5, 2003, shows several undulations along the SEBn adjacent to the EZs. (Credit Sol Robbins ALPO Saturn Section.) Figure 4.3. This beautiful sketch by Sol Robbins, observing from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, using a 15.2-cm (6.0-in) refractor at 350X in excellent viewing conditions at 03 00 to 03 25 UT on February 5, 2003, shows several undulations along the SEBn adjacent to the EZs. (Credit Sol Robbins ALPO Saturn Section.)

D2 Roads Habitats And Facilities D21 Excavation and transport

Sintering of compressed regolith can create bricks for use in buildings, roads, landing pads, blast shields, and radiation shields. The concept of the lunar lawn-mower,'' which sinters the upper surface of the area around habitats, landing sites, and other facilities, was described in Appendix B.

Single Stage to Orbit The Advanced Spaceplane

Before a child can run, a toddler must walk. Before a toddler can walk, a baby must crawl. And before crawling, the infant must be carried everywhere. During this long period of growth and learning, every child eventually gets to ride piggyback, perching on the shoulders of a parent or clinging to the back of an older sibling. Farm children actually have more fun, riding on real pigs, for example. My brother and I did this. Contrary to popular opinion, pigs are amazingly clean animals when they escape their muddy sties and they do not mind being ridden by skinny farm kids. They will root up the neighbor's lawn, however, if they should leave the property. We also threw chickens off the barn roof, to test their flight capabilities. These experiments were reasonably successful the hens made more or less controlled landings despite their less-than-ideal lift-to-weight ratios and their utter lack of prior flight experience. Domestic ducks do better, but you still have to throw them. Ah,...

What Comets Leave Behind

Produced meteors at rates of over 6,000 per hour or almost two every second Meteor showers are very easy to observe and enjoy. All you need is a dark sky, including a lack of a bright Moon in the sky and a lawn chair. Then just sit back and enjoy. Another major shower that has been gaining in prominence in recent years is the December Geminid meteor shower. The Geminids have been increasing in strength over the past few years so that they now rival the Perseids in intensity. Unlike the Perseids, the Geminids are known for creating bright fireballs or bolides. The parent body of the Geminids is a body that actually was originally identified as an asteroid and is designated 3,200 Phaethon. Phaethon has never been observed ejecting gas or dust or exhibiting any other comet-like behavior but it follows a comet-like orbit. Phaethon is now believed to be an extinct comet and is the source body of the Geminids.

Observing Project 9D Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are easy and fun to observe and since you don't need a telescope they are something that you can share easily with friends. So break out the lawn chairs, fire up the grill or pop the popcorn and treat your friends to the best show they likely never knew was there.

Passive Thermal Control

Goldstone sent the taped telecast to Houston by a land line, where the signal was fed through conversion equipment for display on the wall screen and release to the media. On arriving home from the Cape and finding the press on her lawn, Jan Armstrong informed them that it had been a long day and she really needed to sleep, but happened to switch on her television as the networks started to run the telecast the other wives missed it.

A historical interlude Robert A Millikan 18681953

Robert's father was the Reverend Silas Franklin Millikan, and his mother was Mary Jane Andrews. In 1875 Millikan's family moved to Maquoketa, Iowa, a town of 3000 inhabitants. The name Maquoketa means 'big timber', and in fact it was situated at the edge of the primitive woods of the Midwest. The family owned about an acre of grounds, on which they grew potatoes, corn and melons, and on which the three boys and three younger sisters helped during vacations from school. Robert milked the cows, tended to a neighbour's horse and mowed the lawns. His greatest thrill was to be

Electronics Power and Cables

Plate 83. (Battery Box) A plastic battery box from an automotive discounter provides a secure home for a 12-volt lawn tractor battery used to power a go-to telescope. Credit Author. Maintaining a Scope Battery Inexpensive 12-volt lead acid batteries used in lawn tractors and snowmobiles can work well as telescope and dew heater power sources. So do automotive jumpstartbattery packs, which usually also contain (sealed) lead-acid batteries. Neither battery type will work well for long, however, without occasional TLC. Want to destroy a lead acid battery Discharge it completely a few times. Or let it sit around for months unused. Or partially discharge it and let it sit. It's easy to keep the battery healthy by avoiding these things and following the instructions below.

Patrick Moores Observatory in Selsey England

Green Fibre Glass Shed

The observatory, originally set up at my old home in East Grinstead, was made to look decorative (see Figure 15.7) because in that site the only place for it was in the middle of the front lawn. Certainly it is no eyesore, and it is effective, but it has two disadvantages. First, the glass windows mean that the inside temperature can rocket, and one has to open up well before starting to observe. Secondly, entry has to be via the lower section, and means crouching down.

How Large Should It Be

Percentage diminution of the available space may be difficult. However, the suggestions in the next section may help. Two common designs, to be described in Chapter 3, the run-off shed and the run-off roof observatory, effectively require twice as much space as the building itself, as the building, or its roof, move away from the telescope en bloc. However, this space is not completely lost to other usage. It can be used as lawn, deck, terrace, or planting space, as will be seen. Siting an observatory in the middle of a lawn may give it the best horizons, but it may not be what others particularly want to see. Consider putting it behind a partial screen of trees or bushes that will isolate it visually from the house, and also block stray light from house windows as seen from the observatory. A large garden, or a long narrow one, can be divided up and screened in such a way that the visual intrusiveness of an observatory can be kept to a minimum. the observatory buildings (there are...

Triangulum And Apus

This is Triangulum Australis, the southern triangle, often called simply Triangulum. Below this constellation and to its right is Apus, the bird of paradise. It is a small, dim constellation and at this time of the year looks something like a lawn mower (if you have a good imagination).

Random Processes

In an entirely different context, think of a broadband amplifier whose input terminals are not connected to any signal source. On displaying the output on an oscilloscope, we would find that the trace contains nothing but spikes, some large, others smaller, looking much like blades of grass on a dense lawn. An exact description of this pattern would be laborious but a statistical summary in terms of mean height and mean spacing of spikes can be provided with ease and may in many situations present all the information actually needed.

Two Observatories

My own interest is in so-called serious amateur work, that is the making of observations that are reported formally and used by the professional astronomical community, in this case variable-star observing and occultation timing. I have no quarrel with recreational astronomers who observe the heavens for the sheer pleasure of it or those who take astronomical photographs which are afterwards admired but not used for scientific purposes. These good folks pursue different goals and I am not qualified to speak for their needs. Amateurs who are dedicated to the bringing of astronomy to the public are in a class of their own and I cannot really speak for their needs either. It is probably better not to confront newcomers with beautiful, expensive facilities but on the other hand a beginner who is asked to look through a telescope which keeps on losing the object, on a windy and light-polluted back lawn is also likely to be discouraged.

A232 Trenching tool

Trenching is an activity that will be required repeatedly during planetary surface missions. Site preparation will require trenching to bury power and communication lines (e.g., Sullivan, 1994). Trenching is also used in geological investigations of near-surface features (e.g., Spudis and Taylor, 1990). Finally, trenching or digging equipment may be required on a pressurized rover, so that field camps'' can be established that offer protection from radiation storms, in the form of dugouts. Trenching is a good candidate for robotic activities because it is pervasive, time-consuming, dangerous, and labor-intensive. In fact, trenching is recognized by OSHA as one of the most hazardous construction operations. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) trenching machines include smaller models that can be powered by a tractor the size of a large riding lawnmower. These machines also offer the capability of changing out tools. For example, several of the COTS models have interchangeable attachments...

A322 Design elements

Rover body The Marsokod rover (Figure A.10), has six wheels and moves by a combination of rolling and walking. The frame is articulated such that the vehicle can drive over an obstacle twice as high as the wheel diameter, or it can bridge over a crevice. The larger Marsokhod has a mass of 350 to 450 kg the smaller one, developed for hard-to-reach locations, has a mass of 70 to 100 kg. The larger of these two vehicles, which has a 1.2-m wheel base and a 1-m axle width, is of similar size to the commercial lawn tractors upon which RoboTractor's capabilities are modeled.

A323 Power sources

High-end commercial lawn tractors have capabilities that are analogous to Robo-Tractor, and provide a baseline for the RoboTractor tool suite and vehicle size. Vermeer and DitchWitch brands are examples. Both these companies offer numerous attachments for their small tractors, which are analogous to the tools that would be needed on the Moon, and an example is shown in Figure A.12. The trencher and vibratory plow attachments are intended as examples only, and do not exclude the incorporation of a backhoe, portable drilling rig, or front-end loader. Rather than integrating all of the tools onto the rover as permanent fixtures, it may be more efficient to have a tool shed to contain the tools that are not in use. If properly designed, RoboTractor could drive up to the tool shed, open the door (or command Figure A.12. An example of a commercially available multi-purpose dirt-work machine, with a body slightly larger than a riding lawnmower. Figure A.12. An example of a commercially...

Horizontal rainbows

We expect to have to look up at the sky to see a rainbow. However, rainbows are sometimes seen on horizontal surfaces, such as grass lawns and lakes, when small drops either rest upon the surface, or are suspended a short distance above it. A horizontal rainbow is produced in the same way as a rainbow in the sky a combination of reflection and refraction. If you are to see a horizontal bow, you are most likely to do so early in the morning during autumn as a radiation fog clears. Grass lawns that are covered in a fine spider's web, or gossamer, make ideal surfaces. Drops from the fog are deposited on the fibres of gossamer. As the fog clears, and the drops are illuminated by a low Sun, you may notice the faint hyperbolic arc of a horizontal rainbow. These bows are often called dew bows, though this is a misnomer since the drops on the webs are not dew, they come from fog. Figure 5.13 (a) A horizontal bow due to light from a lamp being reflected and refracted by drops of dew resting on...

Ring B

Several small ring spokes are visible at the W and E ansae in ring B in this drawing by Sol Robbins, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, on November 14, 2004, at 07 40 to 08 04 UT with a 15.2-cm (6.0-in) refractor at 400x. (Credit Sol Robbins ALPO Saturn Section. Figure 4.9. Several small ring spokes are visible at the W and E ansae in ring B in this drawing by Sol Robbins, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, on November 14, 2004, at 07 40 to 08 04 UT with a 15.2-cm (6.0-in) refractor at 400x. (Credit Sol Robbins ALPO Saturn Section.


Joan Aldrin began Thursday, 17 July, by raising the flag, thereby allowing the photographers on the front lawn their first 'snap' of the day. Following lunch, she sneaked out of the back yard in order to shop with a friend, Mary Campbell. Although she thought she was incognito, in the mall a salesperson who processed her purchases recognised her and said, ''Thank you, Mrs Aldrin. We all wish you the best of luck.'' Jan Armstrong whiled away the afternoon in the yard clearing the swimming pool of leaves that had been shed during the storm when she was at the Cape. Meanwhile, in the Collins' yard, the tree that had blown down was being removed. Jan Armstrong watched the telecast sitting on the floor, with sons Ricky and Mark, although Mark was bored. Joan Aldrin, wearing the new outfit she had purchased at the mall, watched from the couch with son Andy, Robert and Audrey Moon, Jeannie Bassett and Dee O'Hara. Joan was eager to see Buzz, but because he was operating the camera initially...

Meanwhile at home

Joan Aldrin had hosted an afternoon pool party. Pat Collins attended with her sister Ellie Golden. Jan Armstrong brought her sister Carolyn Trude. After the wives had appeared together for the press on the front lawn, they retreated to the swimming pool, joining Jeannie Bassett. The Collins children had been sent to a day camp, but the Armstrong and Aldrin children were present and played in the pool with Kurt Henize, son of Karl and Caroline Henize. Valerie Anders made a brief visit. Audrey Moon prepared snacks and Bob Moon served as a drinks waiter. At 4.30 pm Jan Armstrong and her sister set off for home. When Jan switched on the car radio she


Once the shed was painted, screwed together and a felt roof added, the final inter-rail spacing was determined and angle-iron corner posts were hammered into the lawn and screwed to the rail timbers. The T-section rails were then screwed firmly to the timber. The final task was to lay a plastic conduit a foot below the lawn for the electrical power supply cable, fed from the house garage. Four mains sockets were screwed to the plinth using rawplugs to supply power for the telescope and CCD equipment.

Final Thoughts

A practical observatory will repay many times over the time and effort that is put into creating it. The point, ultimately, is the enjoyment and wonder of the heavens, that is the same for an observer in a deckchair on the lawn, counting meteors with the naked eye, as it is for the astronomer in a dome, with a large telescope and the latest electronics, imaging and measuring the stars. Amateur astronomers make a tremendous, and much-underrated, contribution to the culture of mankind. The observatory, of whatever type, is a symbol of the timeless human quest for the appreciation of nature's greatest designs.

Keep Your Balance

What do you do about a husband or wife who becomes upset even though you don't neglect your family When all you want to do is observe for a few hours once every week or two Make it clear that astronomy is what you do and who you are, and that it is very important to you. Sometimes showing is better than telling, though. Involve your significant other. Instead of packing up the scope, jumping in the car, and leaving husband or wife in the dust, why not invite him or her along once in a while Pack a couple of lawn chairs. Maybe even a bottle of wine. Set up the scope as normal, but also spend some time with your companion looking at the constellations and telling their stories. Put some particularly attractive and interesting objects in the field of the CAT. As dawn breaks, open the wine and toast the stars and your love. In this way, the telescope may become the spouse's friend instead of a rival.

The Purkinje effect

He noticed that, when the level of illumination is reduced, red objects appear to be much darker than those that are green or blue, even when, under normal illumination, the reverse is the case. You may have noticed this occasionally when out of doors some while after the Sun has set a green lawn appears to be much brighter than the earth in the flower beds, or the wooden fences that surround them, whereas earlier, when there was more light, they all appeared equally bright.

Chapter Three

One of these is to have some kind of mark or marks on the ground indicating how the mount it is to be set up for correct polar alignment, avoiding having to go through a time-consuming polar alignment procedure every night. With a lawn, small stones can be set into the turf with painted marks on them. This will prove quite accurate. Alternatively, a small concrete area could be laid to provide extra stability to the tripod, and depressions for the tripod feet could be made at the casting stage. With most tripods and mounts, these need only be approximately accurate - fine tuning of the polar azimuth alignment can later be made on the mounting itself and then locked in. Another simple convenience is to have all ancillary equipment gathered together in a briefcase or chest, so that it can all be taken out in one go, or with not too many journeys from house to site. It would be a nice idea to make this box or chest convertible into a small table for notebooks, eyepieces, cameras etc....

B32 Dust mitigation

There is also a new idea for how to make the area immediately surrounding the habitat less dusty the lunar lawnmower (Figure B.15), which sinters the frequently-traversed areas near habitats so that the local dust is controlled. Sintering can be done with a microwave system, because tiny beads of native iron are abundant in lunar dust and soil, and they concentrate the microwave energy. Dr. Larry Taylor and Dr. Thomas Meek, both of the University of Tennessee, experimented with this idea by placing a small amount of lunar soil brought back by the Apollo astronauts into a microwave oven. They found that it melted within 30 seconds at only 250 watts (Taylor and Meek, 2003). This property of lunar soil could also be used to sinter roadbeds or areas where telescopes are to be emplaced. Figure B.l5. The lunar lawnmower concept, proposed by Dr. L.A. Taylor of the University of Tennessee. Figure B.l5. The lunar lawnmower concept, proposed by Dr. L.A. Taylor of the University of Tennessee.

The Earl Of Rosse

Birr Castle itself is a noble mansion with reminiscences from the time of Cromwell. It is surrounded by a moat and a drawbridge of modern construction, and from its windows beautiful views can be had over the varied features of the park. But while the visitors to Parsonstown will look with great interest on this residence of an Irish landlord, whose delight it was to dwell in his own country, and among his own people, yet the feature which they have specially come to observe is not to be found in the castle itself. On an extensive lawn, sweeping down from the moat towards the lake, stand two noble masonry walls. They are turreted and clad with ivy, and considerably loftier than any ordinary house. As the visitor approaches, he will see between those walls what may at first sight appear to him to be the funnel of a steamer lying down horizontally. On closer approach he will find that it is an immense wooden tube, sixty feet long, and upwards of six feet in diameter. It is in fact large...

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