Apollo 15 Mission Overview

Apollo 15 (CSM Endeavour and LM Falcon) Saturn V

1971: July 26-August 7 David R. Scott James B. Irwin Alfred M. Worden

12 days 17 hours 12 minutes

Landing site: Hadley-Apennine region near Apennine Mountains. Landing Coordinates: 26.13224 degrees North, 3.63400 degrees East (Source: National Space Science Data Center)

3 EVAs of 18 hours, 30 minutes, plus 33-minute Standup EVA. Worden also performed a 38-minute trans-Earth EVA. First mission to carry orbital sensors in service module of CSM. ALSEP deployed. Scientific payload landed on Moon doubled. Improved spacesuits gave increased mobility and stay-time. Lunar surface stay-time: 66.9 hours. Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), electric-powered, 4-wheel drive car, traversed total 27.9 km (17 miles). In lunar orbit 145 hours, with 74 orbits. Small sub-satellite left in lunar orbit for first time. 76.6 kg (169 lbs) of material gathered.

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