Apollo 16 Mission Overview

Apollo 16 (CSM Casper and LM Orion)

Saturn V

1972 April 16-27

John W. Young

Thomas K. Mattingly II

Charles M. Duke, Jr.

11 days 01 hour 51 minutes Landing site: Descartes Highlands.

Landing Coordinates: 8.97341 degrees South, 15.49859 degrees East (Source: National Space Science Data Center)

First study of highlands area. Selected surface experiments deployed, ultraviolet camera/spectrograph used for first time on Moon, and LRV used for second time. LRV traversed 26.7 km. Three EVAs totaling 20 hours 14 minutes. 95.8 kg (213 lbs) of lunar samples collected. Lunar surface stay-time, 71 hours; in lunar orbit 126 hours, with 64 orbits. Sub-satellite released in lunar orbit. Mattingly performed 1hour trans-Earth EVA.

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